November 2015 Giveaway: Odin Central Blow - Passport Holders Only

[Image: eOlKWGX.jpg]

Yo World Bladers,

The Odin Layer has become a staple in the current Burst metagame, and it just so happens that your fellow community member Stars generously donated a B-17 Booster Odin Central Blow just for you guys! If you're a Passport Holder, please post once in this thread to be entered in the November 2015 giveaway for a chance to win this really cool Beyblade!

Bladers who post in this thread and do not possess a Blader Passport will have their posts immediately deleted.

To make things even better, we will also throw in one Face Booster for the winner!
  • Face Booster RED [Image: faceboosterred.png]
  • Face Booster BLUE [Image: faceboosterblue.png]
  • Face Booster GREEN [Image: faceboostergreen.png]
  • Face Booster ORANGE [Image: faceboosterorange.png]
  • Face Booster YELLOW [Image: FaceBoosterIconYellow.png]
  • Face Booster PURPLE [Image: FaceBoosterIconPurple.png]

This contest will run for seven days until November 23rd, 11:59:59PM EST. Any Passport Holders who post after that date/time will not be entered. The winners will be announced shortly after the date has passed and will have their prize shipped to them free of charge!

Good luck everyone!
Angry Face
Stars da real mvp
thx Stars :')

Enter me Grin
Sweet, enter me! I will give the Odin to someone else if I win, but I want that face!
Naijalak Retired
That's a damn good lookin' Bey.
Got two of my own boiz; don't need another. Cool

Thank you so much to Stars for donating this! We really do appreciate it dude.
Good luck guys Smile

I'll Enter for the FACE Only
Leone19 Retired
Good to see these are back!
Even now that everyone really manufactures everything
Enter me! If I win I'll give the bey to my friend, I just want the Face Booster hehehe.
Enter meeeeeeeee
Just purchased a Passport for the occasion. Count me in!
I paid $15 to RagerBlade on Saturday for a Passport, so once I get that, enter me please Smile
all i want 4 thxgiving is odins abs enter me

Thanks for donating this Stars!
mateenlakhani Retired
Count me in,I want that bey
Finna get loose, ooooh! Thanks Stars!
If I'm getting back into competition, gonna need some beys. Enter me, please!
Enter me
After only using Odin Saturday I could use a second! Joyful_2
Enter me
Enter me also.