Nov-19-2022: "It Is Cold In Space" tournament reports

The following are words I have to say about "It Is Cold In Space", an unranked MFB Zero-G tournament using 3v3 format, with ranked choice voting between the two participants for beystadium.

I recommend the following music for reading the report. . This one's upbeat.

- We had 10 participants today, making this a 10 person round robin. Everyone got to play at least 9 matches!

- I'm still recovering from Long COVID. I'm tired. But it was good to go to a tournament. I'm not attending any of the 4 tournaments in my region tomorrow, I'm so tired.

- We started around 12:25, and the tournament went until 3:15. We had to start a little late because around half the bladers were running late, and the late ones had most of the infrastructure today. We had 2 running beystadiums at any given time. I was the organizer, and I'm Really Good at keeping the matches running. No idle beystadiums in crabworld, I tell you what! I didn't do much judging, just a little. So that's 45 matches, plus 4 for the top 4.

- The weather was cold. Cold and windy. Windy is BAD for Zero-G tournaments, and beystadiums and cardboard and tarps all went flying at random intervals. Not in the middle of any matches, thankfully. I think we're about at the end of outdoor tournament season in Maryland.

- Unranked was a choice. We could've done this ranked, probably. But? Zero-G is a wacky and chaotic format. People don't like playing Zero-G ranked because it's very unpredictable and you can lose a LOT of beyrank very quickly due to some oddities in the format. So, I just ran it unranked.

- Zero-G is my favorite format. It has all of the chaos and unpredictability that originally drew me to Beyblade during Burst Cho-Z. That doesn't mean I'm good at it. I am, and I make some okay bey decisions, but that doesn't mean you always win.

- Alright, so, ranked choice voting for beystadiums. Sounds weird, right? The idea was "We want to try using the Defense and Balance beystadiums as well". And also "we want the two participants to either be mutually happy with the beystadium decision, or at least Mutually Unhappy". So, we did ranked choice voting. Before each match, the bladers were given 3 cards corresponding to the 3 Zero-G stadium types, Attack Defense and Balance. They showed the judge their first choice (worth 2 points) and second choice (worth 1 point). Whichever stadium had the most points would be selected. So if both bladers picked the same stadium for first pick, or one picked it as first and the other picked it as second (without doing the same thing for one other beystadium) then that stadium would get used. Ties become Interesting. If each blader picked a different first preference and both picked the same second preference, that second preference would be used. However, if one blader picks Defense and Balance as their first and second picks, and the other picks Balance and Defense as theirs, then to settle the tie they wind up with the one neither wanted, Attack. Sounds confusing? It actually worked well, and we let bladers choose their beys after the stadium was determined.

- We saw a LOT of EVERY stadium at this tournament. Attack was used a lot. Balance was used a lot. Defense was used a lot, and not always by choice! A lot of defense matches happened because the votes went attack/balance and balance/attack. And you know what? It turns out everyone likes all 3 stadiums. They're all good. They all get KOs. They're all slightly different, with different pocket space, speeds, wall space, but they all play fairly. Any bey can do well in any of the beystadiums. People had a lot of unexpected fun with Defense! And Balance seems to be popular. I still like Attack though.

- I did not win much at today's tournament! I went 2-7! And that's mostly due to the opponents. When your lineup consists of one newer blader, one blader who's returned from a many year hiatus, and 8 bladers who have very good parts and know what they're doing, then someone's going to wind up with losses, and that's me today! But that's just fine. BillyBlast came back for a tournament after a very long hiatus. Like me, he had some difficult matches today and went 2-7. BladerCJW was relatively new, this being his second WBO tournament, but he went 4-5, well done! OnTheDL is good, and experienced, and she had a bout of crab luck and also went 2-7. Yami did well but consider all these other opponents, and the madness of Zero-G, and wound up with a 4-5 record. geetster99 did amazing all tournament, and it came down to his very last match against LJ-Blader on whether or not he made it to the finals, but LJ prevailed. 5-4 record, and 6-3 for LJ. The Supreme One went 6-3, another solid MFB showing. BearsFTW25 did great today, 6-3. I normally think of him as running mostly attack decks and tips in burst, but he brought a variety of beys today and continued what I would call an improving streak. And finally, Friedpasta is still really good at this and went 8-1. His one loss was against BladerCJW, which... huh. Beyblade's funny sometimes. Good job BladerCJW!

- So, no tiebreaks for finals, thank goodness. The top 4 were one person with 8-1, and three people with 6-3.

- My old standby elevator combos are not doing so good anymore. I used to use E230TB, but there was a lot of Dragoon synchrome today, and also I threw Dragoon on it at one point. TB, MB, balls in general, are Not Good For Opposite Spin! If you want good opposite spin, use Bearing, or Something Else! That cost me a lot of points today. But my B:D Duo wasn't doing too well, it didn't get the opposite spin matches I wanted.

- Genbull2 S130BWD was used a bunch today, it works fairly well. I finally found a format where I can do an attack combo successfully, and it's Zero-G. All I had to do was use Bahamut Ifrit 165SA (skirt down) GCF, and swaying of the stadium ALWAYS happened. SOMETHING usually fell out, not always the opponent's bey, sometimes my own.

- The finals oscillated between close matches and routs. TSO kept getting KOed in the balance stadium, and wound up in 4th. Sometimes it just ends up that way. The final match between LJ and pasta was very close, it was 4-4 and it came down to the last

- Breakages happened quite a bit today. The MFB parts are starting to wear out, and they break more and more. Yesterday before the tournament, I broke a stone face heavy core. Today in a match against geetster with 2 attack types, his SA165 spin track broke. And during the final match between pasta and LJ, LJ won, but we heard a breakage. The rulebook says you get a point if the bey separates, but it didn't separate. However, later on in the rules it says if there's any breakage, the battle is voided and must be repeated with a replacement part. LJ's bolt broke in the bey, so he had to replace it and redo the match. He won the redo with a KO. It was a well fought battle all around.

- Thank you to friedpasta's family for bringing hot chocolate and donuts. I was very cold.

- I love Zero-G. It's chaos. Unranked Zero-G chaos in numerous beystadium types... this was a fun tournament. I really enjoyed it. I hope everyone there enjoyed it!

- Winning isn't everything. If I really want to win, I'll need to move. :D

I want to play more Zero-G.
Thank you Crab for a awesome tournament!

The defense and balance bey stadiums are really fun. The defense sways a lot. And the balance is really fun to bank shots off of. I enjoyed today a lot.
Today was the first time I've played in the balance & defense stadiums and I ended up being pleasantly surprised! Having heard from multiple sources that these lesser-used stadiums are bad for attack, I anticipated a LAD heavy meta and planned for first stage accordingly with traditional stamina combos. We ended up learning pretty quickly that attack was viable in all 3 types, and in some cases players were able to use the wall space in the balance and defense stadiums to their advantage to bank their sliding shoot for KOs. Looking forward to more Zero-G with these stadiums in the future, especially the balance type which I felt helped mitigate some of the random stamina vs stamina KOs we see in Zero-G attack.
Caden decided to change their name, and I see no reason not to allow it, they haven't been in any ranked tournaments yet, should be okay. BladerCJW it is.