Nov-06-2022: "TEAMPALOOZA: The Legendary Bladers Arrive!" tournament reports

The following are words I have to say about "TEAMPALOOZA: The Legendary Bladers Arrive!", a ranked Burst Standard tournament using 3v3 format.

I recommend the following music for reading the report. . Mr pokee complained these music tracks are too many beeps and boops. Well, bad news for you I guess!

- We had 7 teams participate today, 21 people, and unfortunately that means 2 Group Round Robin. That's the problem with 7. We had a couple of team shifts, and some newer bladers.

- My normal team, Now Sonic Can Be Super Sonic, didn't participate today! They had other stuff to do. I served as a ringer on Hyper Carry DL with OnTheDL and BeybladeBlast11 since Yami couldn't make it today, and since they weren't able to participate last week because Blast couldn't make it, I subbed in. Mr pokee also was on a different team today.

- We started around 12:05, and the tournament went until 3. We had 2 running beystadiums, and these matches took a while.

- I'm still recovering from Long COVID. I'm tired. But it was good to go to a tournament.

- The mode change rules were in effect today, and CrisisCrusher07 asked that the judges have the players reveal the bey in a given battle, turn around for mode changes, and then turn back when they were done. Different judges did this a little differently. Some had strict time limits, others forgot entirely some rounds. I find that mandatory mode change turnarounds is better for ethics, it prevents cases of "Well if my opponent is going to do their one obvious mode change, so will I".

- The weather was decent. A bit cloudy. Less windy than yesterday, but the temperature was in the mid-70s. I wore a jacket for the wind.

- Two group round robin with 7 people means 3 teams only play at least two times, with a third going to finals for another match. Hyper Carry DL wound up in that bracket, alas. We went 1-1. We had some close matches with the loss, but they got us.

- The Burst Standard meta hasn't noticeably changed. TT won't ever fix it. I'm honestly looking forward to the end of Burst so that we can throw together a format where Dynamite and Vanish are banned.

- The other bracket was on the cusp of winding up with a 3 way tie between 3 teams, but the very close match between BC Night Burst and The Beyblade Experience that came down to the last match, and BC Night Burst got the victory. From there they played Mr pokee and his substitutes on Modern Crusaders, which was another close match, but BC Night Burst clinched the victory.

- Team Format is good every once in a while, but I think a structured team league doesn't work as well for a hobby like Beyblade. People have things to do, and getting three specific people on a team together at a variety of dates they don't know when they first sign up for a team is tricky. The team I was on previously was lucky to be present at as many of the events as we were. Scheduling is a real headache sometimes.

- I think, if we did Team Tournaments again, I would insist on 1v1 format. Otherwise it takes too long.

- Team Format is also a little tricky because you want judges from the Other Bracket to judge matches when possible, and that limits the number of judges you can have for a given match. Complicate matters by having fewer judge-reliable people on a day, and it becomes a real pain.

- I broke my rule about attending two tournaments in one weekend, so I'm very tired, but I wanted to.

I think I'm good on both Team Format and Burst Standard for a long time.
Gg had lots of fun today