North Carolina [USA] Tournament Discussion.

(Feb. 04, 2019  1:19 AM)Draketv07 Wrote:
(Feb. 03, 2019  3:16 PM)wertsdb71 Wrote: Hello Draketv07,

This is wertsdb71 (Blake) posting from Charlotte.  Relatively new to Beyblade but always passionate about my interests.  I'm an adult with keen interest in helping you guys out with setting up and participating in a tourney in the area.  I have access to our neighborhood clubhouse if we need a nice, clean, and safe place, with lots of parking, to hold the tourney.

Please do keep me posted and let me know how I can help,

Outstanding. More info coming soon.

Where will the tournament be, and will it be burst or metal?

I personally know Fafnir_F3, and we can’t start a tournament but, want to join one.
the_lamaboy , this is the North Carolina topic. It's great to see another blader in NC here!
wondering if we can make it a plastics competition, that would be sick! from fayetteville by the way.
Do it I live in Charlotte NC and I never went to a beyblade tournament I want to go do it
Hey guys. Once I become an organizer then I am going to try to set up a tournament around cabarrus county. When I make more plans I'll be sure to post more. Sorry if this counts as clogging up the forum Uncertain
(May. 29, 2018  1:24 AM)Stormscorpio1 Wrote: Is there anyone left in NC that would be interested in a event sometime?

yeah that would be cool if its metal fight limited.