New Jersey and who lives there

Okay cool but I just PMed 5 people so I think we'll be okay. One of them says he can't make it so I am still waiting for the other 4 to respond
Does anybody knows what Zero G Stadiums being used at the tourney?..I have one Zero G Blance type Stadium and a BB-10 im bringin if I come.
I'm coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PUT MY NAME ON THE LIST FOR CONFIRMED!
Ok now we need 5 more bladers to make this official. Jedi Will is a maybe now too...
Hey everyone,
The New Jersey community has asked for an official tournament and it looks like there is going to be one on August 24th. It looks like I should be there. We really need to get 8 confirmed bladers signed up ASAP. Please don't respond with "maybes" as more then likely, those won't be able to get there. So, for now, please only respond with confirmed if you can. Bazooka and I are driving up there from Williamsburg VA. to help get you guys started so lets have a good showing. If there aren't enough confirmed bladers within the next 3 weeks, it will be hard to submit this in time.
You asked for it New Jersey! Now let's have the greatest tournament NJ has ever seen! I look forward to seeing everyone there and good luck to all!
Hey thanks Prue hope to see you there wow this morning we only needed 2 more bladers and now I sign on to see this mess what happened?
change me, ultimitecrown, and, ultimitepegusus back to confirmed.
who is ultimite pegasus?

Also can you see if Ethan H can go with you?
no i am taking leone7
really cool tell Bazooka so he can add him
It seems like you guys are all maybes now... If I change the date to the next day(Sunday the 25th), then would you guys be more likely to come? I would like all participants/maybes to please tell me which day is better for you: the 24th or 25th.. I am free both days. I will thank you ahead of time for your input. PM me your answer if you want.
we have enough people now. for zero g are we using only zero g attack stadiums?
(Jul. 22, 2013  10:02 PM)UltimiteOrion Wrote: we have enough people now. for zero g are we using only zero g attack stadiums?

Yes, what else would we use?
Everyone chose the 24th for the tourney so far. So it WILL be on the 24th. Ok?
ok the 24th is good. what if it rains is there a rain date?
Leone 7
I'm going for sure
The 25th probably but if not I could see if we could rent the upstairs room of the boat rental house
We need to spend the least amount of money as possible. If there's a gazebo, we should blade there if there's ANY chance of rain. Even if there's not rain, we should still play in a gazebo so there's a hard ground for Zero-G stadiums to wobble on.
true I planned on bringing card board for the stadiums. I am pretty sure that there is a gazebo there but I don't think it's big enough to fit a large crowd
Ok bring your cardboard. That's a great idea. We could separate spectators from people in matches so there's plenty of space for everyone in the gazebo.
Hey, i am coming, count me in with beylegend2000
no one word posts please
okay thanks for reminding me
I'm sorry but we have already set it for saturday
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