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Full Version: New Jersey and who lives there
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Hello! I want to host a tournament, but first I want to see who actually lives in new jersey. Post in this thread so I can see who lives in NJ, I want to see if its actually worth making a tourney. Dont post in this thread if you do not live near or in newjersey.
I am a part of this to I live in new jersey
i am in new jersey bro, and so is my team
How can I get on your team? I agree with your sig by the way, we do need more newjersey tournaments, I have to lug my beys all the way up to newyork to get in a tournamnet. Any body having an NJ tournament? Post in this thread if you do.
I lived in new jersey all my life but I moved to virginia! But I visit the whole spring, summer, and winter break! So you can just count me as confirmed if a tourney is happening
Looking for a Tourney in South Jersey around June 23rd through July 1st. Anything happening?
I live in New jersey along with my brother striker X so i am ready to go to a tournament
im in new jersey
bergan county
I do not live in New Jersey but I travel. You have a tourney and I will attend.
im in nj, sometimes. i live in va but i visit for holidays. my family lives in new jersey.
I live in nj and so does 2 more of my friends that have accounts
post what county youre from so it would help where exactly in new jersey we should hold tournaments

my county is bergan
my county is hudson
jersey city, nj
anyone hosting a tourney in NJ
If we could get enough people I might host a NJ tourny sometime in september
great! But it should be at a popular destination like Liberty State Park
I probably host a NJ tournament at the end of september but how many people are willing to come to liberty state park
I live In NJ Also! Grin
I live in New Jersey, Colonia to be exact.
I live in PATERSON, NJ to be exact as well
Me and strikerX is in east orange,NJ and is Liberty State park good with everyone
Awesome you live not to far from me! Grin Yeah it is! Like 15 minutes! Grin
Cool I try to propose this when I have time but I be busy
Yo im having another Jersey tournament in Liberty State park on october 27th and it start at 1:45 itsbnot official but I need any blader I can getbto make it official
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