[Nanuet,NY 4/1/11] April Showers brings Metal Masters: Who wants to be in it?

Poll: What play format should there be?

Round Robin
Double Elimination
Total: 100% 19 vote(s)
lol thermal lacerta is so easy to take out... especially uncustomized. Hell kerbecs bd145 WD could stop it. Even if it destabilized hell kerbecs, hell kerbecs would have dropped on lacerta like a pile of bricks. XD how it beat a 230 track, idk, maybe the kid who used byxis didn't launch it hard enough. lacerta should have lost that one. i wouldn't advise libra as ur main combo. Let's bring this discussion into PM. we don't want people stealing ur new combos for next tourney (i can't even make it to next tourney... so u don't have to worry about me sabotaging. if anything, i'd want u to represent me in the next tourney, XD )
i like the little 8 yr old who made it to the finals......it was cute and funny since he had almost no idea wat he was doin lol
It still bewilders me how he did that. And he had the worst blade out of the three of them.
yea. i thought maybe the one wit pisces df145bs wud do better than the lactera one btw y dont u use a launchergrip?
I don't like launcher grips.
(Apr. 03, 2011  6:02 AM)Sky Prince Wrote: yeah, which combo was yours? since they were using people's actual names, i couldn't tell. i mean, nobody actually used decent attack combos. I remember the libra attack combo but the launching style was weird. and if i recall, no one used defense neither. they were all stamina, stamina, stamina with recoil.

i used defence
Again, thanks a lot for hosting this. I know I enjoyed myself and it looked like everyone else did as well.
thanks for coming!
It looks like It was a fun tournament, good job running it and congratulations to the winner Hellblader6 (kira1) he is a really good blader, and limeguy64 good job as well. person who came in 3rd it looks like you did alright but stop whining how you lost to kira1, be a good sport and get over it, even if they would have went with the way you said you still would have bin in 3rd, kira1 went undefeated in his bracket moving him to the finals then you would have lost to limeguy64 and then the finals would have bin the same results.
Lol, I'm not whining I lost him. I'm just POed because I could have won against him if I played smarter.
ok, because your choice of words before made it sound like a excuse.
(Apr. 03, 2011  9:06 PM)CyberDranzer Wrote: Lol, I'm not whining I lost him. I'm just POed because I could have won against him if I played smarter.

lol. tell me about it. There was one tournament that i lost cause i was too stubborn to switch to my stamina combo... -.-
Congratulations, TheBeydude5 it seems your tournament was the better tournament this weekend you champion Hellblader6 combo's would have beat all the bladers at sundays tournament. If I was WBO I would approve this tournament as offical.
no it wouldnt
If "Hellblader6" is kira1/camaroz28iorc/Brian Bennett and that you let him play, then we will never approve your event. He is PERMANENTLY BANNED, he will never be allowed to come back, so he cannot participate to any of our tournaments. I also do not want you to discuss any events where you would allow him to participate, as they will of course not be approved.

That being said, we have decent links with Toywiz, so I suppose it would not be impossible to make something bigger and more promoted with them in the future.
Sorry Kai-V, it was probably my fault he played. I should have told TheBeydude5 that he was there. He didn't know kira1 was playing, and I didn't think to mention it to him.
i had no idea who he was sorry
yeah, i was wondering y kira1 was in the tournament vid.... i was thinking "is it because it's not a WBO tournament that he's allowed to attend?" but i guess not. well, now u know his face. next time he shows up, u can boot him out of the place... u have every right. u can even inform the staff of the area.
By the way, if anyone seriously wants to know why we insist so much on camaroz28iroc/kira1 being permanently banned from everything related to the World Beyblade Organization, two people have already contacted me by private messages, and do not hesitate to do so. I do not just post everything he did to this site and to us because I do not think it really should be mixed with the well-being of this organisation unless he forces me to do so, but otherwise I am very transparent about this issue.