The Legend of Ryo Hagane- A Beyblade Story

Chapter 1- Ryo's Destiny

Ryo Hagane,a tall, muscular boy, especially for 12, was walking through the woods of Koma Village when he came upon a strange man. The man seemed to be waiting for Ryo, judging by the way he was standing. The man said, "Hello Ryo". "H-How do you know my name" responded Ryo. "I know a great many things and be sure to never forget that". A confused Ryo asked, "Who are you?" "Why, I am a reader of the future, I know yours, mine and a great many more" responded the man. "I came here to tell you something. You must trust me though, because this is a matter of light and darkness." Ryo managed to stammer "M-Me? I can change the world?" "Yes, you and your Storm Pegasus will do a great many things". "Do you trust me now?" "N-No, I am not convinced". "Fine then" said the man. "I will battle you, using my bey, Ray Pisces!" Ryo responded, "Fine, if I feel you can use the power you claim to have, I will trust you" "Fine", said the man calmly.

"Alright, 3 2 1 GOOOOO SHOOT!!" The two beys were launched into the beystadium, The Green Hades, which was famous in Koma Village. "Go Pegasus! crush him now and prove our power!" Pegasus raced towards Pisces but it seemed as though the bey had vanished. "Ha Ha, I told you Ryo, I can see the future! Now Pisces! Special move, Distortion Drive!" "AHHHHHHH!!!! My head!", cried Ryo. "Give up now and help me on my journey!" demanded the strange man. "Never, I will never give up!" "Pegasus, full power!!!" The bey raced quickly around the stadium and suddenly, the Distortion Drive was defeated. "Go Pegasus, Special Move, Pegasus Starblast Attack!!!" The powerful bey slammed into Pisces and sent the bey flying out of the stadium. "B-But how?" wimpered the man. "I will not go with you", said Ryo. "Fine, but at least listen to what I have to say, The forbidden bey, Lightning L-Drago will one day return. It is your destiny to stop this power. Become stronger and one day, when your son is old enough-" "Wait! Son!", "Yes, son, you will have a son named Gingka Hagane who will also have the power to defeat this dark force. I will also have a son. He will be able to help your son eventually on his journey. His name will be Ryotaro. His Thermal Pisces and your Storm Pegasus can stop this evil. But beware, if you try to change this future, it will unbalance the universe and possibly cause this evil to control everything" Ryo could only just stand there shocked, but before he could respond, the man had disappeared.

Get ready for Chapter 2- The Journey Begins
Here's a request it's the request i'm always gonna use here it is:
NameConfusedamuel Hasine
BeyGrineadly Army SD75 R/MB
Bey Descripton:The Army facebolt has a pistol in the middle and says U.S.A on the top and Army in black bold letters on the bottom with 3 blood spots as the background.The Energy ring is red and has a sniper on opposite sides and bullets curving around with semi circles near the center.The fuson wheel ,Deadly, has three of those blockes like L-Drago's fusion wheel on the top bottom left and right that shows on Rapid attack mode only it's gold and the other spaces are spin absorbing semi-circles made of rubber.The Spin track ,SD75, stands for SurpriseDagger75 it has a dagger that pops out every time an opponent tries to hit the spintrack and it's made of metal.The performance tip ,R/MB, is shaped like a bullet and half of it is rubber and the other half is metal that's why it's called R/MB.
Personality:Cares about his friends,beys,and blading,loyal,honest,trustworthy,ALWAYS wants to battle with someone like Yuu or Ginga,doesn't really like to show full power,funny,takes alot to keep him down and never bakes down from a challange!
Special move #1Eeexpert Sniping Bey Atack:Army turns invisible and hits with deadly attacks then if that doesn't work it just attacks viciously for 30 seconds.
Special move #2:Retreatig Counterstrike/Escape:This depends on the performance tip if it leans to the right it's escape if it leans to the left it's counterstrike.
Looks Like:Wears a t-shirt that's gold colered on the front andsilver on the back,and wears fingerless ninja gloves the right one is white and the left one is black, and wears red Jordans, and bage shorts,and his skin tone is african american,and has a black small fro, and brown eyes.
Plz accept!!like the series
I'll use him as a blader in the tournament that Ryo is going to enter in Chap 2 or 3
can he be a main character since this was ur firat view and or post not from u!?
ok fine, he can live in Koma Village and be best friends with Ryo and go on his adventures with him just like gingka and kenta
yaaayy awesomesauce.
Great Story when will chapter 2 be out
(Mar. 01, 2011  6:47 AM)Bakers Dozen Wrote: Great Story when will chapter 2 be out

today or tomorrow probably
C-Dub, I am switching the name of the bey from Deadly Army to Deadly Sniper
(Mar. 01, 2011  9:58 PM)TheBeydude5 Wrote: C-Dub, I am switching the name of the bey from Deadly Army to Deadly Sniper

kk that's cool...but wait isn't.nevermindSpeechless
Chapter 2- The Journey Begins

"Get ready bladers! The Regional Tournament is beginning soon!" Ryo heard this announcement throughout the streets of Koma Village several times that day already and was already pumped to battle. He still couldn't help but wonder what that man meant and where he disappeared to. It didn't matter now though, he had a quest to begin-to defeat the darkness that the man with Ray Pisces warned him of.
As Ryo walked into the Beystadium he already heard the screaming crowd and all of the other bladers who were pumped to battle. One thing though went right to his brain- he heard a blader yell,"Go, Deadly Army!" Could it be? His best friend who left Koma Village 3 years ago, Samuel Hasine? Although a year older than Ryo Samuel was his best friend.Samuel had moved from America when his father was stationed in Japan. Samuel never got to leave because his father was killed in action. Samuel's bey, Deadly Army, was a gift from his dad in the hospital from before he died. Ryo ran over to the voice and sure enough, it was him! "Samuel!" cried Ryo. Samuel turned away from his battle and looked at Ryo with astonishment. "Ryo, buddy! It's been too long! How's it been?" Ryo ran over to his friend as they both talked about the past 3 years. "What brings you here" asked Ryo. "I came here to battle the best again" responded Samuel. "I hope we get to battle again!'' said Ryo.
"Let's go Battlers!" announced the DJ. "The first battle is.......Samuel Hasine vs Yumi Tatori!" "Good luck Samuel" said Ryo as Samuel stepped inside of the arena. "Get ready fans this is going to be a good one!"
"3...2...1 GO SHOOT!" The two beys raced through the stadium and clashed in the center. "Go Killer Leone!" cried Yumi. "Deadly Army!!" countered Samuel. The two beys clashed and then flew back from the impact. "Go Leone!" the bey attacked Army's track but Army's track is SD145 which shoots out daggers when the track is impacted. "W-What" cried Yumi as he watched his bey's metal wheel get sliced. "Fine then, Special move, Lion Bloody Fang Tear!" The bey flew at unbelievable speeds but Samuel had other plans, "Special Move, Retreating Counterstrike!" Army blocked Leones attack, tilting Army's R/MB to Metal Ball mode. Leone was now wobbling from the effort of his blocked attack. "Go Army, Let's finish him off! Special move, Expert Sniping Attack!" Suddenly Army dissapeared and then reappeared as it smashed into Killer Leone, sending it flying out of the stadium. "No!!!" screamed Yumi as he fell to the ground, holding his defeated bey.
"Yeah, Woohoo!" cheered Samuel. After the battle, Ryo rejoined Samuel as they celebrated the win.
"What a great first match folks! Don't move because we are ready for the second match of the first round, the next battle is......Ryo vs.......

Stay tuned for Chapter 3- The Poison Wolf
i will post my character requests as soon as i can get on ma laptop, i can give 4 do u want all or a few only?
as much as you want
colio chapter man!!
Name: Sora (doesnt know his last name)
main character
Bey: Static HydraT125WD
Chapter 3- The Poison Wolf

"The next battle is..... Ryo vs Vladimir!" The two bladers walked calmly up to the stadium and set up their lauchers. "3...2...1...GOOOO SHOOT!" The beys shot at each other instantly, crashing in the center of the stadium. "WOW! What power these two bladers have!" "Go Poison Wolf! Tear him to pieces, until there is nothing left! Heheheheheh" "I wont alllow it!" responded Ryo, "Go Pegasus!" "Is that all you've got?" challenged Vladimir, "I will end this now then, Special move, Poisonous Fang Rip!" The bey at first just stood there, until, there it was, Wolf's bit-beast. A big, dark green wolf. Then, the bey leaped into the air and smashed into Pegasus. While still in mid-air, it was hitting all sides of Pegasus. "Check this out folks! Have you ever seen a move this deadly?" Just then, Ryo switched his look of fear to a small smirk, "Yea, Yea, come on keep slashing, until the time is right I will wait." whispered Ryo. Then Wolf seemed to stop the attack for a split second- "Now Pegasus! Special Move, Pegasus Starblast Attack!" "W-What, How did you escape my Wolf's fangs?'' Then, Pegasus flew into the sky and raced back down, as the bit-beast formed. "There it is folks, The power of Pegasus!" Pegasus crashed into Wolf and then sent it flying behind Vladimir. "And thats that everyone! Ryo will move on to the next round!" The crowd erupted into applause, except Vladimir, he seemed still, almost too still..........

Stay tuned for Chapter 4- The Quarterfinals
keep it goin' man it's cool
ok, here they are

Name: Izuma Inzori
Name: Sonai Inzori
Name: Hatachi Inzori
Name: Rez Inzori