[NIB Plastics/HMS] Selling Mint Dragoon MS, Wolborg, Burning Kerberous, Etc.

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Bump! It might be hard to get new stocks, so try and get my remaining stocks now. Smile
[Image: 12660426_1058780777498926_4728353_n.jpg?...e=56B75CA8]

attack ring came in today! small order but plan on making more soon, thanks Grin
Thank you!! Hope to hear from you soon! Smile
Received my Draciel V a couple days ago, nicely packed and found a little gift inside! Thanks! Grin
I am interested in a yellow and a green Driger V, shipping would be to US.
(Apr. 01, 2016  7:09 AM)sharkee9 Wrote: I am interested in a yellow and a green Driger V, shipping would be to US.

PM sent dude!
Updated post, removed those out of stock items. Smile
Up! Willing to give discounts for buying bulk of my remaining stocks. Smile
Hey if you're still selling Dranzer V, Seaborg 2, Wolborg, Wyborg, and Dranzer F please PM me.
(Sep. 16, 2015  4:06 PM)xVaretyr Wrote: Hi guys! I only have few stocks remaining. Thanks everyone.

I am selling these Plastics beyblades/accessories (Prices in USD):

#35 NIP Driger S (No stickers, but complete parts) 15$ 1 pc left

[Image: 2mee1sp.jpg]

A-27 Dranzer F 22$ SOLD OUT as of now

[Image: 73exoo.jpg]


A-35 Draciel F 17$ 3pcs available

[Image: 2u8cn82.jpg]


A-36 Wyborg 12$ 1pc left

[Image: 2vulrnr.jpg]


A-39 Wolborg 22$ SOLD OUT as of now

[Image: 2mw6l4z.jpg]


A-40 Seaborg2 17$ 1pc left

[Image: 2in1xx.jpg]

A-56 Dranzer V 17$ SOLD OUT as of now

[Image: x2p6xd.jpg]


A-67 Draciel V 17$ 1pc left

[Image: 242h4b5.jpg]


A-82 Burning Kerberous 24$ SOLD OUT as of now

[Image: 219w6r5.jpg]


Some beys from the Random Booster 10:

NIP Death Gargoyle - 25$
1. AR - 2. Parts - NIP Rushing Boar - 25$
1. AR - 2. Parts - Other recolors: - 5$ each or for free if you buy multiple!

1. Driger V - [Image: 21vnf7.jpg]

2. Seaborg2 - [Image: 25s06ds.jpg]

Prices: http://wiki.worldbeyblade.org/index.php/...rence_List We'll be guided by this but I can assure I'll offer lower than stated. This is not including freight costs. Prices are negotiable! :)

We shall use Paypal :)

Freight will depend on your location, I will verify first. I am from the Philippines. It would be better to buy multiple so we can save on shipping, also I will share in the shipping if you buy multiple :) We can discuss this in PM.

We can talk about how our transaction will happen in PM guys. :) I'm quite busy at school but I'll make sure to reply as fast as possible!

Thanks everyone, most especially Kai-V!

Looking forward! If you have any concern, just shoot me a PM.


PS: Some boxes have shown signs of aging as these stocks are from years ago (we know that), but rest assured that the contents are definitely brand new condition. Check the pictures of the contents. :)

What does NIB and NIP mean?
New in box and new in package. The difference is that new in package have had their boxes opened or removed, but the inner plastic bag hasn't been opened.
Bump! Sorry for being less active. University's quite a handful... I can get more stocks now. Hit me a PM so I can take into account your wanted items. Smile Thanks a lot.
Restocked with Wolborg and Burning Kerberous! Get yours! Smile
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