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(Feb. 24, 2016  11:43 PM)Ultra Wrote: I don't know about the some parts of the anti attack definition. The original Anti Attack wheel on which the whole concept was founded was Basalt and that wasn't aggressive (in terms of protrusions) or low recoil. Also it seems stupid to me that we've created mobile defence just because Burst doesn't fit the now narrow definition Anti Attack now has.

But Basalt is still aggressive enough to KO Stamina and counter attacks, and mobile Defense predates Burst.

Anti-Attack = using Attack types' recoil + somewhat aggressive MWs to counter Attack and KO Stamina. (Diablo is probably the best example of this, though Basalt and Wyvang^2 both work too)
Mobile Defense = using aggressive tips to match the movement of the opposing Attack type so it doesn't hit so hard, using an otherwise traditional low-recoil Defense setup. (Duo Cygnus BD145RF or Revizer Killerken E230RF)
Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention but i'd never even heard the term mobile defence before Burst. And again never heard of those combos either.
back to minoboros. i think [by looking at cannon's test] Minoboros is best when pared with something that is Heavy and Doesn't move much. Maybe it will work like an Immobile Anti-Attack type? [a bey that can risist being burst/ko and ko/burst other beys]

can anyone test these combos? (Click to View)
just say a good defense not an immobile anti-attack. stop creating new terms for a game.
(Feb. 26, 2016  5:28 PM)loyd87 Wrote: just say a good defense not an immobile anti-attack. stop creating new terms for a game.

Stationary Attack is a thing in Burst IIRC (VHS?) so it makes sense that a non-mobile Anti-Attack would be a thing.
@[ExtremeBlader3] and myself were screwing around today and decided to try out testing Minoboros Knuckle Needle and wHOOOOO BOI

Here's the data

Minoboros Knuckle Needle vs. Dark Deathscyther Heavy Orbit
MKN - 12/20
D2HO - 8/20
2 DBFs

MKN Overall Win Rate - 60%

(someone pls do follow up tests, we could have found the D2 killer)
I CALLED IT. Kei mentioned here about his experience on Minoboros on semi-aggressive driver. Thanks Trainiacj

If possible can you try it against few more combos such as DHR, V/V2TX and a low recoil defence type (W/NGR). I'm really excited to see results lol

Btw I will do some test (on extreme and needle) once I get my Minoboros from my friend and that WCN too.
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(Dec. 19, 2016  2:57 AM)SUGOI-KONICHEWA Wrote: @[TrainiacJ] you tag people like so: @[Insert Username Here]

Yeah, Minoboros' best match-up is against D2, so I can see why MKN would be successful to some degree. But it's better on Zephyr in my experience due to the reasons I outlined in my post here. I can't see any reason why in a competitive scenario where you would be choosing a Beyblade to cover as many scenarios as possible that you would choose to use Minoboros on something like Needle or Orbit. Of course, I'm happy to be proven wrong. Smile More tests are always welcome. I can see Minoboros perhaps being more consistent in some ways with Needle or Orbit against things like Deathscyther because of their increased Stamina compared to Zephyr, but you would be opening yourself up to being more easily defeated by opposing Attack types.
Following on from what Kei has said, when looking at the most successful Minoboros set-ups, Zephyr is definitely a strong candidate. Unfortunately I have no formal testing, but after about 30 rounds of testing with Balanceblader using varying Minoboros combos against DHR MKZ and even MTZ achieved a notable number of KOs and Bursts. A well launched MKZ can certainly rival DHR, I'll have to test it against other stamina and stamina/defense hybrids to see if MKR is more of a situational combo or if it has some even if limited versatility.
Just for a goofy combo, could anyone try Minoboros Quarter Orbit?