Midnight's Custom Zero-G Tournament

Poll: Are You Excited For Another Custom Beyblade Tournament?

Meh. I Guess Uncertain
Nope. Not At All.
Total: 100% 11 vote(s)
[Image: cooltext1263691958.png]
(Only Zero-G Chrome Wheels)
List Of Chrome Wheels:
Gryph x1
Phoenic x1
Ifraid x1
Saramanda x1
Gargole x1
- DRAGON KING (Reviser Dragoon BGrin) (Eliminated)
- Leone19 (Killerken Ifraid S130R2F) (Advancing)
- Bladery66 (Pegasis Gryph W145RF) (Eliminated)
- Lazer (Killerken Bergirados SA165WD) (Advancing)
- Madness (Saramanda Phoenic F230GCF) (Advancing)
- Ryukiba (Pegasis Dragoon CH145RF) (Eliminated)
Round 1 (Opener) Bladery66 Vs Leone19
Round 2 Madness Vs Lazer
Round 3 (Ending) DRAGON KING Vs Ryukiba
Semi Finalists:
- Leone19
- Lazer
- Madness
Second Tournament Attendees:
- *AJ* (Gargole Dragoon F230CF)
- Kyler_The Best (Gryph Begirados BD145R2F)
- Shining God MS (Genbull Dragoon BGrin)
- DRAGON KING (Phoenic Ifraid 100WSF)
- Galaxy Blade (Saramanda Pegasis 160SB)
- AZL (Reviser Killerken TR145WD)
Second Tournament Battles:
Round 1 (Opener) AZL Vs Galaxy Blade
Round 2 DRAGON KING Vs Shining God MS
Round 3 (Ending) *AJ* Vs Kyler_The Best
Third Tournament Attendees:
- Bladery66 (Reviser Dragoon F230CF)
- Lazer (Killerken Genbull SA165WD)
- DRAGON KING (Pegasis Bergirados S130RF)
- AZL (Killerken Dragoon BD145CF)
Dragooon reviser b : d is my combo please
Dragoon Reviser? Not Reviser Dragoon?
Sorry I meant reviser dragoon lol
Pegasus Dragooon GB145R2F is my comboSmile
Unfortunately I Don't Have GB145.
Holy Carp I remember when I did this like so many months ago, now it's the thing.

I'll enter Killerken Ifraid S130 R2F
midnightlwbo, could you enter me with pegasis griffin w145 rf please, thanks bladery66.
I'll take Genbull Killerken SA165RDF please Smile
(Oct. 11, 2013  2:54 PM)MidnightLWBO Wrote: Unfortunately I Don't Have GB145.

Ok then W145 if you have itSmile
It's Already Taken.

Lazer Read The Chrome Wheels List. I Sadly Don't Have Genbull Or RDF.
Can you do phoenic gargole f230bwd Smile
Sorry I Don't Have A BWD. Do You Want A WD Or A D?
(Oct. 11, 2013  5:22 PM)MidnightLWBO Wrote: Sorry I Don't Have A BWD. Do You Want A WD Or A D?

can you change to sramanda phoenic f230 gcf?
Just make me a combo please, surprise me!!
okay I'll take Killerken Begaridos SA165EWD Smile and if you don't have EWD then WD or RDF Grin
gargole dragoon f230 cf/gcf
Ryukiba I Need To Do A Random Track For You Now So I Gave You A CH145 Smile
Sorry Galaxy Blade I Can't Take Anymore Attendees Once This One Is Over There Will Be Another One Smile
Round 1 (Opener) Bladery66 Vs Leone19 October 24th 2013
Round 2 Madness Vs Ryukiba November 1st 2013
Round 3 (Ending) DRAGON KING Vs Lazer November 8th 2013
yeah I'm in Smile so what did you use WD or EWD?
Guess I gotta battle lazer again lol
I would like to use Gargole Dragooon SA165BWD/BGrin/F230CF/GCF please.
The Next Tournament.
MSF-H Wyvang Wyvang bd145 rsf.
no more room enter the next tourney
Yes That's True. I Don't Have Wyvang Also Tongue_out