March of the beys (Melbourne, Australia 11/4/2012)


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MARCH OF THE BEYS (mellbourne, Australia 11/4/2012) hey everybody, me and swany10 are working on a new melborne tournament in an attempt to bring back Australian beybladers. we need stadiums and a prize supplier for this tournament, if you can help please pm giraton or Swany10. details below:
date: 11 April 2011
time: sign up: 12-1:20 tournament starts: 1:30
location: Queen Victoria Gardens, flinders st melbourne, just down the road from flinders st station. map will be up soon. meet at the 3 palm trees.
cost: $5, free if you have a bladers passport, $10 to buy a bladers passport
prizes: 1st: beyblade or battle gear (hasbro, contents to be confirmed)
2nd: left over of 1st
3rd: beyblade keyring
all placed get a certificate.
Format: Round Robin Block
judges: Giraton, swany10, rayquazonX
people confirmed: Giraton, Swany10, rayquazonX, bryanchaos3, jordynchoas3, ky, bipod, J!NX
maybe: Robsta, TDGX, nova driger, sucks, wraith
Reserved: none
i hope you can join us for this tournament. we need at least 8 people confirmed and max is 32.

please pm mobile numbers so i can confirm that you are acturly going on the day. i will reply with my number so you can contact me anytime (excluding school times) incase you want updates or other things that you may like to ask.

all beyblades and beyblade gear you use in the tournament must go under a strict appraisal to see if they are fake, worn or tampered with against the the rules. all parts and gear will go in a tub for collection after the tournament. replacement parts, launches and full beys will be supplied if needed. not all parts can be replaced, but the closest thing i have will be given.
Hammer Hades Retired
I might be able to, depending on the passport situation...
Giraton Retired
well kai-v needs to come in contact with omega for that, witch i believe she may be soon. oh just so you guys know, on friday ill be leaving for philip island for 3 days so unless i can get some wifi at our accommodation, i wont be on for that time, cause im bringing my 3ds so i may find a mc donnalds or something and be able to post. im hoping to make this official before i go.

edit: just made it official, this topic will be moved soon.
JINX Retired
hey can i come i havent been to a tourny in ages
Robsta Retired
(Apr. 04, 2012  11:44 PM)JINX Wrote: hey can i come i havent been to a tourny in ages

Yes, definitely.
The more the better!

Put me down as possibly coming. I would like to go but I might be going away at that time.
Giraton Retired
sure Robsta and J!NX, ill put you in. i was right, as soon as i get it official i would get more people.
I might be able to go
TDGX Retired
Interesting, I'll think about this so put me and my brother (nova-driger) as maybe. And I'll also check blah ì he wants to go Smile
If this was two days later I could probs come but u probs don't want to host a tourney on Friday the thirteenth lol
sucks Retired
Finally a tournerment. Put me on the maybe list.
Wraith Retired
I may be able to go as well.
WackoRazgriz Retired
Yo, I'm out but I'll keep an eye out for next time.

It's a real shame about Omega but rest assured something will come out of this.
Giraton Retired
hey everybody im back from philip island. i saw the news last night and noticed it may rain on the day so i recommend people bring mats as it probably just going to rain in the morning and leave the ground wet. i still need 1 more prize that i cannot supply myself on the day. if anyone can spare $15 for a prize (im updating the prize list soon) please pm me. i will be working on this for the rest of the day so contact me anytime today.

edit: i maybe working on a tournament for the next beydays so stay tuned for that.

edit edit: anyone else want last minute spots? the more the merrier.
Hammer Hades Retired
You shouldn't do too many edits like that lol, and yes apparently it is going to rain so we can look for a flat surface that wont be so wet such as bark to play, also i recommend you bring umbrellas in case.

<edit>- Sorry everyone, i will nit be able to come, my mum wont be able to take me their because she has a meeting, this was a last minute decision, and she did give me permission at first, very sorry about this guys...
Giraton Retired
oh, sorry hammer hades, i was convinced you were going. anyway guys, im not going to cancel this. the weather looks good enough to last. ill be leaving soon so i can get atleast 1 prize set for the day. i hope ill see you all today.

ps: entry still open for those who want to go.
Swany10 Retired
Tournament failed... only 4 people showed up and no one had a stadium...Very disappointing Unhappy
ZX Retired
wow that sucks.....
Giraton Retired
it turned out more like a team meeting as all the people who came where part of the immortals team. all those who said they were coming and didn't i must ask, why!? i was so hopeful for this to work and we only needed 8 people and one stadium, so why didn't you guys come!?
Hammer Hades Retired
Omg that sucks, the Melbourne beyblade community needs to have more members..
jordynchoas3 Retired
guys sorry we could'nt come i was at the hospital for 3 hours. we were gonna come with a stadium but i was too sick Unhappy
blah Retired
(Apr. 11, 2012  10:36 AM)HΩmmer Hade§™ Wrote: Omg that sucks, the Melbourne beyblade community needs to have more members..

I am preeeeeetty melbourne has a tonne of members.
We're just in hibernation, that's all.
Giraton Retired
(Apr. 11, 2012  11:05 AM)blah Wrote:
(Apr. 11, 2012  10:36 AM)HΩmmer Hade§™ Wrote: Omg that sucks, the Melbourne beyblade community needs to have more members..

I am preeeeeetty melbourne has a tonne of members.
We're just in hibernation, that's all.

and that was the point of this tournament, to get them out of hibernation. i hope bey days is better, ill have everything set for it because it's enough time to buy prizes and i can just use the stuff from this tournament.
Only one person was supposed to come with a stadium ?
Giraton Retired
actually there was suposed to be 3, rayquazon forgot, hammer hades had a last minute quit and bryanchaos became sick.

edit: i saw omega loged-on last night, did anything come out of that?
He sent me a private message, saying he did not have a lot of time, that he fully planned on sending me everything soon, and that he should be back to his previous activity online in the next few weeks ...
Hammer Hades Retired
Yay, Omegas back paaaaaaarty, hopefully this will sort out the passport situation as i have missed out on like 5 moths of prizes. He will hopefully get the tournament scene up and running on a consistent basis as well.