March of the beys (Melbourne, Australia 11/4/2012)


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MARCH OF THE BEYS (mellbourne, Australia 11/4/2012) hey everybody, me and swany10 are working on a new melborne tournament in an attempt to bring back Australian beybladers. we need stadiums and a prize supplier for this tournament, if you can help please pm giraton or Swany10. details below:
date: 11 April 2011
time: sign up: 12-1:20 tournament starts: 1:30
location: Queen Victoria Gardens, flinders st melbourne, just down the road from flinders st station. map will be up soon. meet at the 3 palm trees.
cost: $5, free if you have a bladers passport, $10 to buy a bladers passport
prizes: 1st: beyblade or battle gear (hasbro, contents to be confirmed)
2nd: left over of 1st
3rd: beyblade keyring
all placed get a certificate.
Format: Round Robin Block
judges: Giraton, swany10, rayquazonX
people confirmed: Giraton, Swany10, rayquazonX, bryanchaos3, jordynchoas3, ky, bipod, J!NX
maybe: Robsta, TDGX, nova driger, sucks, wraith
Reserved: none
i hope you can join us for this tournament. we need at least 8 people confirmed and max is 32.

please pm mobile numbers so i can confirm that you are acturly going on the day. i will reply with my number so you can contact me anytime (excluding school times) incase you want updates or other things that you may like to ask.

all beyblades and beyblade gear you use in the tournament must go under a strict appraisal to see if they are fake, worn or tampered with against the the rules. all parts and gear will go in a tub for collection after the tournament. replacement parts, launches and full beys will be supplied if needed. not all parts can be replaced, but the closest thing i have will be given.
Wraith Retired
Sorry Giraton, I was invited to a birthday party at the last minute.
So does this mean that i dont need to bring a prize on beydays giraton?
Giraton Retired
acturlly, i wont be doing beydays cosmicdestroyer, omega is going to do it, so yes, it does mean that.
CosmicDestroyer Retired
Ok, but are you sure hes doing one?
Hammer Hades Retired
Yes, it would indeed be nice if he posted to tell us something...
Giraton Retired
i asked him over pm, he is doing it.
Omega Retired
I never said that I'd be hosting it for sure, I said I'd let you know about it soon. I need to settle things with Kai-V first with the previous results, and then I'll know for sure as to what can happen.
JINX Retired
hey giraton sorry i could not make it but next time theres a 70% chance i would come and beat you all Grin