Mar-18-2023: "ROUTE TO BWC: MARYLAND REGIONALS" tournament reports

The following are words I have to say about "ROUTE TO BWC: MARYLAND REGIONALS", a ranked Burst Standard tournament using P3C1 format.

I recommend the following music for reading the report. . You all need a little bit more chaos in your life.

- We had 25 participants today, making this a 5 round swiss. Everyone got to play at least 4 matches, a few of the bladers had byes during one of the rounds. There was one tiebreaker match later on.

- We started around 12:25, and the first round went until about 2:45. The tournament itself wrapped up around 3:45. I judged many matches today. Crisis ran 4 beystadiums, so we had a lot of people judging, and backup judges, and a head judge for ties. And oh yes, we had a lot of ties. Never two in a row from what I saw.

- Because each blader needed to bring 3 beys to each match with no repeat parts, I was generally careful to inspect ahead of time. One blader had a fake chip without realizing it, wasn't found until round 4. I missed that when I looked over their beys in round 1. There were repeat DB armors in beys in two bladers sets that I found in round 1, and one in round 4. There are just too many dang parts in Burst beys. I hope the next generation simplifies them a bit.

- The weather was cold outside, but we were indoors. Superstar card gaming is a fine venue. It gets a little chaotic when you have 25 bladers and some parents around. The large room was mostly used for free-play, and two of the smaller rooms near the front were used for tournament matches. CrisisCrusher07 did a fine job wrangling all the bladers and parents, but occasionally the tournament rooms got a little crowded from spectators.

- Pick 3 Choose 1 might be my least favorite format. I absolutely hate the Sun Tzu mind games. I honestly prefer 1v1 to P3C1. But hey, I will play what's running. Part of the interesting thing about P3C1 is that it's a bit like deck format, you have some knowledge and some control, so we were seeing a lot of World Wheel Drift today. Not from me, but most everyone who made it to the finals, and in the first stage and sometimes the finals. Vanish and Roar and Zest and Astral and all the rest are just bad matchups against Dynamite and Wind nowadays.

- Burst Standard isn't going to have any more releases, but we still see interesting innovations each tournament. One of the big things I say today was people running Dynamite Illegal Drift Bearing in the finals. Apparently quite good, aside from the Guilty/Ultimate vulnerabilities. Wind and Dynamite are still everywhere. I saw a lot of Guilty, and a couple other layers. A lot of World. Broyeeto is still a big fan of Ultimate, and he still uses it well.

- I went 3-2 today. Again. This is fairly typical for me now, we just have a lot of strong bladers in the central atlantic. Allen Schaffer reliably beats me on same spin, but that's life, I shoulda tried Guilty. Except later when I tried Guilty against Dragreus111 I had no luck against Dynamite. I would've been better off with my Wind or Dynamite combos there, no doubt there. I was out-strategied! Opposite spin is still a pain to judge. As it turns out, now SAME SPIN is also a pain to judge, with lots of ties and near ties! Just... an interesting and terrible world we live in!

- 3-2 isn't enough to make it to the finals when 7 other people go 3-2, 4 of them with a higher buchholz. Them's the breaks!

- Most of the finals matches I saw were kind of one-sided routs, but there were a couple where it was very close. Kirito1696 was behind 4-1 against RED NINJA 0829, but he managed to tie it 4-4. Ninja finally got him with Guilty. Those two went off and on with Guilty most of that match, it was a lot of fun.

- CrisisCrusher07 got 1st place! Broyeeto 2nd. RED NINJA 0829 3rd, and Kirito1696 4th.

- This tournament was special because it was our region's Beyblade World Cup Regional. 1st and 2nd place receive free tickets to BWC if they choose to attend, among other prizes. Congrats!

- Having to watch for midair bey contact prior to both beys touching the floor came up a lot during this tournament, and about 3 or so rounds I was in were voided because of it, and I had to void a bunch of matches I was judging because of it. This rule is terrible. Stop making terrible rules that make judging even more difficult, I'm sick of that. It's always some new terrible rule every couple of months. Would you staff please stop that, it's really a pain in the butt.

- I look forward to the upcoming announcements about the next beyblade generation. I hope TT fixes a lot of their busted design policies this time around.

I had fun!
Great report again DeceasedCrab! I had a really fun time today! Also not only do me and Broyeeto get the tickets for the BWC, but we get to represent MD in a special tournament at the BWC against all of the other Regional winners from the other states!
Sad I wasn’t able to come out today, but I am glad the new venue was nice and the tournament went well! Let’s go Broyeeto and Crisis! Represent MD well!