Make Your Own Beyblade Burst Character

How do you make a bey

Name: Flame DragioX
Looks: Purple and red with the symbol of a white dragon in the middle, it can change its size.
Type: Attack/Defence
Special moves:
Burning Flame= Flame DragioX clashes into the opponent cloaked in fire.
Dragon Tail= Flame DragioX comes out and swishes it's tail down on the rival with tremendous power
Dark Fire= A huge beam of blackish purple fire it shot out towards your foe.
Shooting Star: Flame DragioX makes a wish and golden stars come flying down from the sky to attack the foe.
Ultimate sky dragon attack= Flame DragioX's most powerful move. Your bey shoots into the air and while spinning creates a fire tornado which then comes crashing down on your rival along with your bey cloaked in a veil of light, which then attacks the foe with it's claws and jagged wings.
So I had an idea for a new OC that will be added to the OC Gang with Athena Valhalla so here it is

Owen Shinkinsi

Age: 10

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 106lbs

Hair Color: Gray with Red Highlights

Eye Color: Green

Physical Appearance: Owen is a short boy with spiky gray hair with red highlights and he has 2 arrows on his cheeks that point to his eyes. He wears a blue Tshirt with a Eclipse logo on it. He wears black Jean's and brown leather sandals. He also bares a scar on his forearm where a bey had hit him in a match

Personality: Owen is generally a good guy and pretty funny, he obviously loves blading and he has an incredible bond with his Bey, Orion in which he looks up to as his guide and in a way, a sibling he never had. Owen can also get pretty intense when somebody makes fun of his hair.

Beyblade(s): Variant Lucifer.Un.2D (Former) Quasar Orion.Gg.Xc'-8

Special Moves: Quasar Flash