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New special move DRAGON INFURNACE
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Jun Yamato

A serious and strong willed girl. Benkei's partner, and a blind girl. Self-reliant and stubborn, also a track runner.

Bey: Oricalcum Outer Octa

Techniques: Shine Uppercut: The thick part of the layer smashes the opponent
Holy Guard: The god ability.
why benkei and why are most people say there character is blind.why not deaf

but nice chpoice on the bey
(Nov. 02, 2017  12:41 AM)MPZLShadow Wrote: why benkei and why are most people say there character is blind.why not deaf

but nice chpoice on the bey

Well, she's a track runner, so it shows she is self reliant due to being blind and still winning track competitions.
(Nov. 02, 2017  12:45 AM)Dragunix Wrote: So you gave her a legendary bey and she's a MFB character's partner. Alright, interesting. I just wish there was at least one new part.

No, Benkei is my owner for Shining Baldur and Takeshi's brother.
so its not of mfb ...
(Nov. 02, 2017  12:41 AM)MPZLShadow Wrote: why benkei and why are most people say there character is blind.why not deaf

but nice chpoice on the bey

I decided to make my character Kioke blind after I thought of all the effects it would have on him as a blader. And, how it would be with him growing up an orphan, with only his sister to teach him how to cope. It was better for his character and his sisters. I have also made deaf characters, but, they're not in the Beyblade universe, yet. And, I'm sure everyone has their own respective reasons, for that decision
And if you are wondering why Oricalcum: Benkei owns Baldur, and Ayumi owns Amaterios. The others also basically are legend blades, Susanoo and Thor.

Team: Saint Sword

Bladers: Ayumi, Marian, Jun, Benkei, Takeshi

Strategy: Mainly each blader is picked to represent based on what foes they are facing. Arashi is usually last up, and Takeshi is the leader.
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(Nov. 02, 2017  12:52 AM)Dragunix Wrote: Okay. My bad, I didn't remember that. But how come you didn't change the concept of Orichalcum? You gave Amaterios and Baldur upgrades. Not saying it's a bad idea to keep it, just wondering why.

Oricalcum is a god bey. Shining Baldur and Sol Amaterios are also god beys. Wanted to keep the footing on the same season lol. Also, updated prev post.
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(Nov. 02, 2017  1:08 AM)Dragunix Wrote: So just to make sure I remember it right:

Shining Baldur and Benkei (Defense?)

Jun Yamato and Orichalcum Outer Octa (Stamina?)

Ayumi Shimizu and Sol Amaterios (Attack?)

Arashi Shimizu and Gale Susanoo, Takeshi Kindachi and Roaring Thor (Attack types?)

correct me if wrong. Also, how heavy would some of these beys be? I know I made Neo Dragoon to be around the weight of sX, but I just want to know as a comparison.

Yes. Baldur is medium, around I'd say, weight equal to God Valkyrie. Tsukiyomi, Marian's bey, is lightest, about as light as Twin Nemisis (with Heavy and Accel btw), Ayumi's is a bit more heavy, say Guardian Kerbeus weight, then Thor, which weighs the same as Legend Spriggan, and Susanoo, about as heavy between sX and nL.

Thor has the strongest teeth, followed closely by Susanoo. Amaterios has 3 tall and 1 short, Baldur has the same, and Tsukiyomi has 4 medium.
no dragon in furnaces is for spriggan destroyer
(Nov. 01, 2017  11:39 PM)Dragunix Wrote: For OWD? Btw the concept seems kinda like mine for Neo/Nova Dragoon with the metal making the contact points stronger/heftier.

But cool

And depends on how heavy and where the balls move. Interesting

(Nov. 01, 2017  9:05 PM)MWF Wrote: More of momentum absorbing. The stable driver when not givin any momentum to play with is just that. Stable. When it is at the highest point of the stadium with out any other additions to its movement one little tilt will be enough for it to start to roll to the center. The tip itself can spin independently from the rest of the beyblade. That is why the retro launch and rolling counter work. The reason it was able to circle slightly in that match against Zac was because stable is on a full metal bearing and has slight friction. With enough rotation speed stable will start to rotate with the beyblade.

If you are going to do free spining and metal the best way to do it is like a metal free spining ball, flat, or fusion (more like rip fire unite. Assault with a small ball.) with a guard like cup around it so it would not get flung out. It is impossible to have the tip of a driver be on a perfect bearing and have it be aggressive. But I can fix this. The tip IS the bearing.

If: infinite: a bearing the size of hold on its side gives for starting movement and excellent stalling afterwards.

This idea allows for aggressive movement when flat and great stamina conservation when off balance.
So the original concept can't just become aggressive in a similar manner to Stable?

The original concept would not get aggressive.
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(Nov. 02, 2017  1:27 AM)Dragunix Wrote: ok. good to know. thank you. But is it like liner (your concept), because I'm thinking about just making another glide with a metal WF in the center instead and a metal encasement of the bearing instead of the POM.

That is kind of what I meant. By on its side I meant like hold not liner. So it would be a semi aggressive driver with a stamina conserving bearing ring to resist knock back.
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Anyone feel like doing a battle thing like I have seen earlier?
(Nov. 02, 2017  1:40 AM)Suzaku-X Wrote: Anyone feel like doing a battle thing like I have seen earlier?

I would be fine doing something like that. But, I would need help with writing it, since I'm fairly inexperienced in that area. And, I would also like to talk with @[Dragunix] on the matter
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(Nov. 02, 2017  1:46 AM)Dragunix Wrote: I'll give it a shot. But who do you want to battle? Tag Team? 1v1? Which characters?  Any special traits added?

also, if someone could tell me how to include people's username links in these messages, I'd appreciate it.

Sure. I'll figure It out tomorrow. Arashi would be good, and no special traits, just a regular battle I guess. 1v1. Also it's @ [Dragunix] (remove the space, and put in username you want.)
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