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The Cubs suck... They always will. 7 games behind the Tribe. We're catching up! Beat Detroit twice, and it's 1.5 behind Detroit for 2nd. String some more wins, and we're looking at a legit chance for 1st! I'm All In.
The Cubs are unlike any other terrible team I have ever seen. They seem content with mediocrity, even when they lose they have no problem with it. This is their biggest fault
Hah, it looks like the Sox will be using the Cubs to get to .500. To be honest, the AL Central is kinda weak. But of course, the Sox are in for a monster July, especially with them only a few games back. I see a sweep coming on? Three wins, coupled with two losses from Cleveland, and we're back in business! We're only 3.5 back, anyway. I believe a series against the Tribe and the Tigers are coming up soon, anyway.

Phil Humber, I'll share my ice-cold Pepsi with you any day. Best pitcher in Chicago. 'Nuff said. Now go get us that BP Cup!
Lets go White Sox, the only team I can actually root for right now. Astros are sucking (as usual) Indians out of first place, White Sox beasting it up. World Series 2011 anyone?
Uheheheh. .500! Thank you, Phil Humber! Wait... Can I be real with you for a second?
I'm not in the mood for the "Cubs Suck" yuk-yuks today.
Yesterday's game was CLOSE.
I have to give some type of props to Garza.
Four hits... FOUR FREAKIN' HITS!
That, my friends, is a miniscule number.
Sure, we pulled out the win, but at what cost?
We learen something.
We learned that we should NOT mess with the Cubs' pitching staff. Garza is scary.
(Can we trade for him? No, I'm so serious. Phil Humber, Jake Peavy, and Garza equal a LOT of 3/4-0 wins for the Sox. And please, don't trade Humber. Don't make the same mistake the A's did!)
Booyah! Sox win, Tigers losing to the Angels 12-6, and the Indians are showing their true colors! This. Is. Awesome!
Again, I want to be serious for a second.
The Sox have a LOT of 2-1 wins...
This isn't good.
Adam Dunn also woke up this week.
He has 2 HRs, yet people say he's garbage.
We're still not .500 yet, though.
And Phil Humber is getting a bit tired.
Danks still has some gas in the tank, but not much.
But that's not the issue.
You know you stink when you are playing teams that lose to the Mets, and you STILL lose.
The other Sox come to town tomorrow.
We NEED an amazing performance from Konerko, Pierre, Humber, or Dunn.
Oh. The AL Central is garbage, too. And we're 3.5 behind. This is good, but this is also bad. We HAVE to beat the Red Sox at least twice. We aren't sweeping anyone, but 3/4 is nice, hell I'll take 2/4. Besides, the Indians suck.
Okay, back to "The Cubs Suck" jokes. They're losing to Milwaukee. They also have to string 40 wins together to make .500 this year, too! Hilarious. Again, Cubs suck.
...Why do you do this to me, Sox? You handle the Orioles, and get whupped by the freakin' ROYALS. Please, finish out this damn series 2/3. Please? For me? (And Chicago in general.) I'll give you a cookie!

Being more serious. Really, why don't the Sox sign Dayan Vinciendo? Really, the Cubs went after a 16 year-old, so why not call up someone who's batting .300 in the minors, and bats better than Dunn's doing. Move Dunn to 5th, keep Pierre at 1st, and put Konerko at cleanup...WHEN HE'S HEALTHY. Really, you have to weapons, now go use 'em! Anyway, as weak as the AL Central is, the Sox should only need two 5-win streaks to win. Fairly easy, looking over their schedule. There's a lot of baseball left. Please be in the race by the time the NFL preseason ends. Make the playoffs. That's all Chicago asks. You do that, you SHOULD easily beat the wild card team (Phil Humber, you're getting back to normal. Edwin Jackson, we miss you, man. You and that number you did on the Tigers. And that nice little 5-0 record against the AL Central. Come back! Go get your man from Toronto, dudes! Ozzie, whip your team into shape. You're in a great position. Weak division, bad schedule, get it together. How about this. One F-bomb for every H-bomb the Sox hit. Now, go take over Twitter!) Rant...saved for tomorrow until the Sox win.
...I have a question. When A-Rod hits 2,000 hits, it's a big deal. Here's something you likely didn't know. Paul Konerko has 1999 hits. One away. But nobody cares, right? The Sox just handed it to the Rangers and hit .500 again, winning the series 2-1. But nobody cares, right? We're about to take over 2nd, but nobody cares, do they? Geez, we have a terrible schedule, with a bunch of teams who can't beat the AL Central, and actually have a very good chance at winning this with the Twins not even a threat anymore. Go pull it out, Sox. And Adam Dunn? I know your stats suck, I know you're a gaint hole at the 3rd spot, but PLEASE, you've always struck out. Het us 10 more homers. That's all we ask. Please? Guillien, you have proven it yourself, and you said it. You are indeed the Charlie Sheen of baseball. Thank you, now go get us another title! Paulie? Way to play hurt. Get healthy and get us some wins. You're MVP in my book, and with the rest of Chicago. (Unless you're a Cubs fan. We all know how Ozzie Guillien feels about you guys, so no need go into THAT issue. Cubs fans, get over it. Wrigley sucks, and you don't win games. You can't turn it on until it is useless, and you have a bunch of over-paid pitchers that don't want to be there. *cough*Carlos Zambrano*cough* Please, stop pretending to be an MLB team.) Thank you.
Oh yeah, Phils are doin good XD! Ugh, that carp yesterday with the Lidge HBP walk-off. God I can't stand that man as a pitcher anymore XD. Halladay looks sharp, even though he only pitched 5 innings yesterday, cuz of that carpy rain delay. Ah, as long as everyone's healthy for the Playoffs, it'll all be good Wink.
My dad was a yankee fan so am to . My favorite player is Micky Mantle.
I love the Red Sox. All sorts of talent. Just wish they could play better...
The Dodgers as of now, are the best team of the NL, but when the two best Dodger players were injured, (HINT: #27 & #16)they were as good as a minor league team that was terrible... now, they could probably make it to the world series... probably.
Huge Tigers Fan, Notice Cabby and Prince have Beast mode on today. Need it after Verlander laid a fluke late inning egg yesterday. Oh and nice Poll instead of the Tigers they have the Lions! HAAAAA
The Sox are doing surprisingly well this year. SI and ESPN predicted 95 losses for the Sox. Chicago's looking at a possible playoff berth and maybe 95 WINS, (Mind you, they have to beat the Royals, though...) Luckily, the Tigers are sliding as well, so they have a shot.
The Dodgers are leaving me hanging... 2 weeks ago, they were losing 0-1, now they're winning 10-1? im very confused...
Hah! Did I not call it? Nationals the best team in Baseball! Orioles have the wild card and so do the A's. Haha! All the bad teams are getting good...except for the Cubs. They're still my favorite team. Also, Go Tigers! You can beat out the Sox!
Be specific on which Sox, Beyniac. Anyways, i feel terrible right now. The Giants took advantage against the Dodgers, but they pulled through. Today, the Giants destroyed us. They destroyed our winning chances by one catch. I thought the Dodgers were gonna ace the World Series, if they made it, but no. They were ONE GAME BEHIND. ONE GAME. But no. San Francisco destroyed the hopes of the game. By one catch.(talking about the final play by M.Ellis) It could have been a 4-5 win. No. 4-3.Better luck next year, where you waste your winning energy. Good Luck next year Los Angeles Dodgers.
Well considering the tigers are in the central and im a cubs fan...
My goodness. Braves v Cardinals. And the umpires screw it up for 6-3. If you saw this, you understand my frustration as a Braves fan as they called an infield fly deep in the OUTFIELD. Turner Field turned into a trash can, and there was lots of cursing. And poor Andrelton Simmons with 2 awful calls on him.
EDIT: Don't go Chipper
I'm a Cubbies fan for life. Who cares if they haven't won the World Series in over 100 years? I know the curse will be broken. When, I don't know. But, I know one day, one day the newspaper headline will be " Chicago Cubs win World Series for first time in over 100 years!" And the Cubs will no longer be a forgotten team.
(Oct. 12, 2012  3:02 AM)Goldchain2 Wrote: I'm a Cubbies fan for life. Who cares if they haven't won the World Series in over 100 years? I know the curse will be broken. When, I don't know. But, I know one day, one day the newspaper headline will be " Chicago Cubs win World Series for first time in over 100 years!" And the Cubs will no longer be a forgotten team.

A goat is the cause of that curse. Billy the Goat, mascot of The Billy Goat Cafe.
@ goldchain2 Oh yah! You are awesome! The cubs are just waiting...they want to surprise us!
The 2013 Season for the Dodgers is tedious... Has anyone seen the 3 bench clearing brawls from today's (6/11/13) game? I'm pretty disgusted at almost all of the Arizona D-Backs players... And some of the Dodgers players... And sorry for reviving this thread.
The season has been pretty good, so far. The Sox suck (which took me by utter surprise, given last year...), but the Mariners are doing pretty well. The Rays and Nats definitely took a step back, record-wise. The Pirates are just as good as last year, if not better.

On to my Sox fandom. The starting pitchers are doing their jobs. The batting is streaky (Thank you, Adam Dunn. This team would be unwatchable without you!), and the closers are bad time and time again. It's getting annoying. At least Phil Humber could legitimately close a game. Even if he was sorta on-and-off.

I'm liking the Pirates. They're back to work, and they look CONSISTENT for once. Had they been in any other division on the NL, they'd be either competing for first or in first. They should be a tough out in the playoffs. (And Cole did damn well, today. I liked him a s a prospect, and he showed he can hurl some heat. Plus he got his first hit since high school.)
Regarding the poll, why are the lions on there?
Anyway, yah, the Mariners aren't doing that bad, I just hope they pull a 2012 Nationals sometime soon. I feel it.
What happens when King Felix is gone? Hmmm. That's kind of worrying.