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Got some testing done!


Attack testing:
Nice testing TBD. I was wondering about Earth's defense. Thank you for taking the time for this.
(Dec. 06, 2014  5:21 AM)TheBlackDragon Wrote: Got some testing done!


Attack testing:

I have a non-aggressive RSF, as well. I get better Ronin results with Zirago, rather than Bahamoote, personally. I'll do more tests in a few weeks, but it does generally good against Defense.

In any case, I do believe strongly it should be on the list.
I've only ever tried Genbull, Gryph and Bahamdia. I might be able to give Girago a shot later.
This afternoon, I got a couple of tests done utilizing some non-top-tier Attack-based setups and some benchmarks.

The Benchmarks:

The Attack Testings:
(Dec. 07, 2014  2:46 AM)Shido Wrote: MSF-H Theif Phoenic (Crystal Mode Up) H145RF versus Libra GB145RSF
Both Bottoms in their Prime • Libra Launched First all Matches
Theif Phoenic: 4/20 (ALL KO) 20% Win Rate
Libra: 16/20 (13 OS, 3 KO) 80% Win Rate


you most probably used R145 until H145. aligned with the feather of phoenic for better results.
Just thought I'd inform you guys that I've recently been doing some testings with Ronin Gryph (Crystal Mode Up) 85RF, it got some pretty nice results, especially against HTDCs, where as Lightning got the exact opposite in that area. From the testings I've done so far, they all had more or less the same results. I personally really like low track Dark Knight Attack-based setups; they're most are definitely tier-list worthy.

Hopefully, the full on out thread should be up tonight, that's my goal.

Loyd87 Wrote:you most probably used R145 until H145. aligned with the feather of phoenic for better results.

I'm pretty lost, what do you mean? R145 would do better than H145?

If so, unfortunately, mine's cracked, so I wasn't able to do testings with it. Once I get my hands one another one in better condition, I may want to redo the one I did with H145, as I think it added more recoil to the setup, more than Theif Phoenic actually has itself. Even so, I'm still not all that sure if doing the same battle just with R145 would change the outcome that much, though.
personnaly I used R145 mainly with all 3 sided metal wheel. added more weight on the designed blade could upgrade it's synergie and force smash due to its weight distribution. I tested a little R145 on this kind of set-up. May be it can do same recoil has H145. I didn't have H145 at now I sell all of mine a year ago. personnaly I didn't like how H145 work. I have much more results with R145 for that kind of combination. plus if used against low track left spin combination it could do some spin steal on it due to it's rubber contact. just try it you'll see by yourself. but the spin steal could be negligible on Rubber based tips combination.(sorry if my explanation isn't good I have some difficulties with english)

Can i suggest you to try MSF Thief Balro(chrystal up) W145R2F. I didn't have the time to try it at my last tournament but it does well when I tested it.
Do you have your testing?
I could done new tests to apply here. you want me to test the Thief Phoenic R145RF combo and Thief Balro?!

I could test it agains Libra GB145RSF but did you put a metal face on Libra or not?

Edith: I remember that Thief Balro does something like 90% against (i tried with and with out the mf) (MF-M)Libra 230D

I could redone all my test with these 2 combos.
Yeah, how about testing it against Ronin Zirago 85RF and the defense custom you listed above with an MF.
you want me to compare Ronin zirago 85RF with the 2 others(using ronin as benchmark?) against Libra GB145RSF with a MF-H on it right?!


I used LRF instead RF because LRF is in better condition then my RF.

EDIT: I've redone the ronin versus Libra test

Ronin Zirago 85LRF(LRF Prime) VS MF Libra GB145RSF(RSF is non-agressive)
-Libra always launched first.
-Using Beylauncher l/r for right spin and L-Beylauncher for Left spin.
-BB-10(yellow one)

Ronin: 7/10 (OS: 6, KO: 1)

Libra: 3/10 (OS: 0, KO: 3)

Ronin: 70% win

note: I see that Ronin combo could spin steal even is rubber based tips. may be if I put a MSF on it it could be easier to control and do a better force smash. I will try it later at now I'm working on the 2 others combos.

2nd edit:

MSF Thief Phoenic(chrystal up) R145RF(worn) VS MF Libra GB145RSF(RSF is non-agressive)
-Libra always launched first.
-Using Beylauncher l/r.
-BB-10(yellow one)

Phoenic: 1/10 (OS: 0, KO: 1)

Libra: 9/10 (OS: 6, KO: 3)

Phoenic: 10% win

Note: Many wall saves for libra(in all case its when libra win by outspin) may be its due to my worn RF but it's bad bad bad results hah. may be my tought isn't totally right but work on different set-up.

3rd Edit:

MSF Thief Balro(chrystal up) W145R2F(mint) VS MF Libra GB145RSF(RSF is non-agressive)
-Libra always launched first.
-Using Beylauncher l/r.
-BB-10(yellow one)

Balro: 3/10 (OS: 0, KO: 3)

Libra: 7/10 (OS: 5, KO: 2)

Balro: 30% win

Note: Libra has many wall saves again but balro does better then phoenic on the same height. I think these combos could do better against taller combos.

4th edit:

I would like some of you try this 2 combos against libra. I want to compare because I'm not a master of attack type so may be the results may change a little.
Just sayin that Q is a good alternative if you dont own a XF or WF and if you combine it with any 145 (exept the ones with switchable type ex: sw145) and cristal wheel down/chrome wheel up.

Only use Q as alternative (with description on top) in a ZERO-G STADIUM

I will do further testing to see if its a good turnament combo
I'm sorry, but Q is one of the worst bottoms ever created, and I don't think a competitive customization can be made with this, same thing with M145. It's only luck with theses parts and trust me, I tried hard to create a combo with M145, haha.
may be Q could be having a used in zero-g stadium due to its gimmicks. Stadium floor moving and Q designs to jumps may be it could help to weirdly sway the stadiums hah. I didn't have Q for a while but could be an idea to make a crazy jump around sway attackers hah
In response to The Black Dragon's post, I believe we should definitely add Ronin LTAC, specifically Ronin Zirago 85 RF to the list.
I completely agree, Leone19. That Ronin-based LTAC in specific had outstanding results. I'm quite a big supporter of the setup being on the tier-list, although not with RSF: I was playing around with the same setup just with that tip against a Scythe stamina setup I believe it was, and saw that it was very recoil-y. Lightning didn't seem to do good with RSF, either. While MSF-H Ronin Zirago 85RSF only had recoil issues, though still pulled off a 14/20, Lightning RSF simply wasn't able to get a KO off of a Scythe W145WD. Echizen and my own results didn't come out being that great.

What do you guys think about Ronin Gryph-based LTACs, though? I'd say from my testing, there'd be a potential chance of it going up there. Here's the full thread if any of you would like to see the testings:
I'm agree with leone19 for the ronin combo. really impressive. its a must to have in the competitive list.
I truly agree with Leone19 and Shido. I would especially recommend the MSF-H Ronin Gryph 85RF setup.

By the way, Leone19's custom is also a descent alternative.
DRAGON Wrote:By the way, Leone19's custom is also a descent alternative.

Wait, a decent alternative for my Ronin Gryph LTAC? If so, I'd definitely call it on par with it; if not, better.

Loyd87 Wrote:I'm agree with leone19 for the ronin combo. really impressive. its a must to have in the competitive list.

I second this; it's probably on the same level as Lightning LTAC in terms of attack! Grin
I am definitely impressed by Ronin Zirago's result and think this will be a great step for Limited since we don't have any combos that have real stats... You have my vote Smile
I,ve tried again ronin zirago yesterday and I won all my matches played with it easily. must have on tier list. I didn't really try it against left spin. someone tryed it?

I have beated some synchrom too but it's really really too light for that but it could beat some of them hah.
loyd87 Wrote:I didn't really try it against left spin. someone tryed it?

Like what type of left-spin; attack, stamina?

In response to @[TheBlackDragon] 's post in the Advanced Forum, by the way, I do think it's ready to go. I still don't think Lightning RSF should be up there, though; it had some issues getting KO's off of other Beyblades, even Stamina. I don't mind Ronin Zirago RSF as much however, despite the recoil I saw when testing it.
the best bottom imo is RF/R2F or LRF for that combo.

could be tryed with Ronin Genbull B: D, Meteo ldrago F230GCF/CF, MF Meteo ldrago CH120XF and Ronin Genbull/zirago 85 EWD/WD.

any idea to try against?! that's what it come in my mind right now.
I don't see why it would have a problem against Ronin Genbull, Meteo F230(G)CF and Meteo CH120XF, although the Ronin LTSC may be a bit harder to KO because of it's low height.