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Country: Registration Date: Oct. 22, 2014

-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Hello! My username is Vamp!re but my real name is Michael, I am a 12-years old boy, I love beyblading and I think that WBO is the #1 beyblade community in the whole universe. My favorite drink is Bavaria non-alcholic beer. My favorite restaurant is Mc-Donalds. My favorite snack is Lays. My favorite ice-cream is Mc-Flury. I make GFX (graphics) you can request in my graphic shop here is the address of my shop : THINGS I HAVE TO GET/DO ON THE WBO : 1.Get 5 Referrals . 2.Host a tournament . 3.Get 8 faces . 4.Place in a tournament . 5.Do good things for the WBO . 6.Report as many posts as I can . -=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= : THANKS FOR READING MY BIO: -=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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