Limited Ban List Proposal v1.6

Thoughts on this as a ban list? Getting HasScythe on there properly and getting DK unbanned, as there are similarly diverse Gravity combos.
Limited Ban List Proposal v1.6: Wrote:CHANGE LIST
Newly Banned
  • Scythe [Metal Fury]

Newly Unbanned
  • CRYSTAL/ELEMENT WHEEL: Dark Knight/Ronin

  • All Synchroms (NOTE: Non-Synchromed Zero-G wheels are legal!)
  • All 4D/Hyperblade Metal Wheels EXCEPT Jade
  • Basalt
  • Hell
  • Libra
  • Scythe [Metal Fury]
  • BD145
  • SA165
  • E230
  • SP230
  • RDF

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Proposal v1.6

Detailed Banned Part List Proposal v1.6 (Click to View)
I would like this change
DK is IMO fine to unban. It really doesn't present any major issues or significantly outshine Bandid Wyvang or Lightning L Drago. It's good, but far from an overwhelming force.
I'm looking forward for Dark Knight's performance this year.