Left handed Beybladers

(Sep. 26, 2013  5:00 AM)Kai-V Wrote:
(Sep. 26, 2013  4:27 AM)Tri Wrote: Chocked_2

That is a shock, haha. Do you just prefer the power you get from that launch or did you think launching the regular was was to mainstream? Haha.

I explained it somewhere in this topic previously, but I essentially have a psychological restriction on my right arm not to destroy things. It makes sense : I am a naturally non-destructive person, so when I know that something, the Beylauncher in this case, can break easily, my whole power will not be used. Since I am right-handed, this restriction seems to be applied more there, but less on my left arm. While I still could not use a full force with my left arm, it is better and freer than my rigth arm, hence my odd technique.

Ok?Smile sounds a little confusing(not sure why)? But I'll get it?Smile
Despite the fact that I am left-handed, I launch right-handed; I prefer the additional precision and control I have over the launcher when holding it with my dominant hand.

I also don't want to have to use some kooky left handed launch lol XD
Although I am right handed, I tend to launch with my left hand. Especially with attack types... I don't know why, but I like to launch with my left because it makes me feel like I have more control over my launch. Smile
I'm left handed for writing, etc, but things like throwing a ball I'm a rightie. I guess it all stems from there never being any left handed scissors at school so I've learnt to use my right hand just as well as my left so I usually hold a launcher like a right handed person being its my stronger arm, however if I want to use my left I've never noticed any difference when compared just it feels a bit odd
I am sorry for necroposting but I am a lefty and I hold the launcher in my right and pull with my left. It gives powerful launches. I hold the launcher in a special way to improve stability and control. I have tried launching by holding it with my left (when my super grip failed in any other configuration) but it ended up with weak launches that failed a lot. My current launcher is make out of a Hasbro blue launcher, a gutted Hasbro blue and a gutted super grip. The launcher that works is placed on top of the super grip to make a sword launcher like grip, then the gutted blue is connected to the super grip to the right. This gives two different launches. One is for control and attack types where I hold it like a sword launcher while the other is for power and stamina types where I hold it by the other grip.

Yet again sorry for necroposting but I was told about this thread because someone made another one.