[LTD] The Metal Fury Project - Phase 2 - Stamina

Duo vs Scythe vs Burn (surprising results)
Scythe 33.69 grams
Duo: 29.21
Burn: 31.66

Scythe Cygnus 230D vs Duo Cancer 230D
Duo Cancer: 10 wins (10 OS, 0 KO)
Scythe Cygnus: 10 wins (9 OS, 1 KO)
round by round (Click to View)

Duo Cancer 230D vs Burn Cygnus 230D
Went 30 rounds, Th!nk requested to go till 20 OS
Duo: 17 wins (15 OS, 2 KO)
Burn: 13 wins (5 OS, 8 KO)
Duo's KO's were after a few consecutive hits and Burn came down on top of Duo, while Burn could get a few smashes. Round by round available if requested.

Scythe Cygnus 230 D vs Burn Cygnus 230D
Went 30 rounds to mirror Duo's test but didn't get to 20 OS
Scythe: 15 wins (7 OS, 8 KO)
Burn: 15 wins (10 OS, 5 KO)
again round by round available if requested

Burn vs Scythe was a lot more entertaining than one would expect for a "Stamina" Test. To me these (at least Scythe) are balance wheels. Scythe ended up laying quite a few good hits and some of Burn's KOs were from wall saves for itself and recoil by Scythe. Scythe also won some OS by destabilizing Burn getting underneath and making it bounce and wobble over. Scythe also lost a few rounds because of solid hits but burn stayed in the stadium and scythe lost a lot of stamina with those hits..

But either way I think I was most impressed by Burn because I expected Duo and Scythe to dominate it much more while burn more than held it's own vs the two Fury wheels.
Holy carp... 29 grams???

That's like super light. No wonder Burn hits 30% KO rate on that thing! XD
I have Solo Spin times.

Earth Cancer W145D
Test 1: 2:45
Test 2: 3:13
Test 3: 1:55
Average: 2:38

Burn Cancer W145D
Test 1: 2:31
Test 2: 3:53
Test 3: 2:05
Average: 2:50

Sythe Cancer W145D
Test 1: 2:22
Test 2: 2:47
Test 3: 4:01
Average: 3:03

Libra W145D
Test 1: 3:14
Test 2: 2:57
Test 3: 3:01
Average: 3:04

Those are very inconsistent, it would seem. Scythe went from 2:22 to 4:01. Weird...
Yeah it was weird, but the tip was mint. Burn was the only thing heavily used. I even re-did the Sythe test. The first time it got 4:34! I changed it for more comparable results.
solo spins from non-fury beys
I can do more solo spin times later for duo and scythe. I have much better ones for earth, burn, rock and gravity in the primer thread