[LTD] (MF-L/M) Burn Aquario F230CS

I think what bladery is trying to say is that it more likely than does not have the LAD properties of f230 cf/gcf
Yo, test against Earth Cygnus/Hades/SagittarioII/Cancer 85EWD, F230CS gets wrecked by it (with Scythe, at least), though I'm curious if a non-orange one would do better because of how it loses. Also test against MF Earth Sagittario II GB145RSF, as that causes issues for some F230 stamina/stamina-balance customs that can OS most stamina types just cos it knocks them down. I'd expect a right spin tornado staller to cause it issues too but I've not tried that vs non-CF/GCF F230 myself yet.