[LTD] Gravity Perseus D125GCF

:: Gravity Perseus D125GCF ::

Hey everyone! I am here with my very first LTD format testing thread! The combo, as stated in the title, is Gravity Perseus D125GCF!


It is highly based upon the combo Genbull Dragooon T125GCF, which isn't allowed in this format. It is a balance type, more specifically a staller. Not only can it OS defenders, it can ... don't take a drink ... KO DEFENDERS!! It did amazing in my tests! It didn't really matter what mode Gravity Perseus was in. I preferred the 'attack mode' with the eyes exposed.

Part Choices

Gravity Perseus: Well, it's left spin, and it has some great attack AND some spin stealing capability.

D125: It can be substituted for T125, but I chose it mainly because its a good middle height, just like in Genbull Dragooon T125GCF. It won't fall of balance like taller heights as quickly.

GCF: I chose GCF for its stalling ability and its speed. It's speed aids greatly in its attack potential and defending against other attack types.


Beylauncher L/R
Beylauncher R
Launcher Grip
Attack Type Stadium

Gravity Perseus D125GCF vs. Earth Aquario GB145CS
GP: 20 wins (14 OS, 6 KO)
EA: 0 wins
Gravity Perseus win percentage: 100%!

It sure did amazing! When I didn't stall correctly and did a sliding shoot, it KOed very cleanly and if I tornado stalled and didn't get the KO, it OSed with no problem.

Gravity Perseus D125GCF vs. Scythe Cancer 230D
GP: 19 wins (18 KO, 1 OS)
SC: 1 win (1 KO)
Gravity Perseus win percentage: 95%!

It obliterated. It didn't really matter if I stalled or did the sliding shoot, it obliterated. For the most part I didn't stall. Scythe's KO was really cool! Gravity went flying, haha.

Gravity Perseus D125GCF vs. Cosmic Uranus R145R2F
GP: 12 wins (All KO)
CU: 8 wins (All KO)
Gravity Perseus win percentage: 60%

It had trouble but it still did pretty well believe it or not. CF had a lot of trouble on this custom against attack because it wasn't as fast.

Well, I think this is a terrific custom! I am going to go ahead and post this thread to get some suggestions of what to test against next. Post away Smile.
Great Tests And Combo Tri! I'll Post Some Tests Soon Enough!
Umm....... You took my next combo thread. Anyway, I love this custom. I'd like to see a few more tests though. I'd be happy to help test.
Do you not have any Metal Faces?
I had two sets of metal face customs but I couldn't find either. I only found the metal inner piece and the plastic outer piece.
Ah, that's what I thought. I was wondering why you decided not to put any on this custom or its opponents for that matter lol.
I've got metal faces. If you want I could do the tests with metal faces?

Though what one should I put on?
Try MF-L so that the weight is more outwardly distributed. Like MF-L Phantom Cygnus 85MF, having to much weight in the center could take away some of the stamina. Plus it'll lessen recoil a tiny bit Smile.
Fake tests (Click to View)
WBO Committee: It was recently brought to our attention that all tests by Crescent in this topic are fabricated. We urge you to forget their results and that someone trustworthy conduct the actual tests for the sake of this metagame.
Hm, that's worrying. I don't have a GCF so I can't try it myself, but those results are pretty ridiculous - there are another person's tests to back it up though - if there weren't I would be a little suspicious haha.

On the one hand, it's nice to see something attack-ish that isn't using RF, on the other, results like those are something that probably shouldn't be achievable by a single combination in a properly balanced format. That said, you might find your winrates against attack drop when launched simultaneously - if someone has someone else of similar strength that can help them test that, I'd appreciate two-player tests.

Galaxy Blade: how exactly does it score KO's against LTDC? I can see it outspinning but winning by KO? If anyone can post videos I'd appreciate it just so I can get a better understanding of how it works.
Yeah, I wish I could've done the attack tests with someone. Maybe I can convince my dad XD. I launched Gravity first most of the time but from what I saw, what was launched first got the KO, probably because of getting that speed near the beginning of the battle, plus these two are literally flying at each other, haha, but I'm not sure.
I was like that at first too, haha. But it turned out good.
One the other hand: I don't have a camara, so I couldn't recorde. This made me worry when I saw the results too, haha.
Seems interesting... any requests? I got my stuff back so I can test.
Test against left/right spin attackers, defense, stamina, etc. Anything really, I'd hate to see Gravity get banned but if it gets as high results as me and Galaxy Blade gain, then we will definitely have to consider it. This sucks, Hell was already one of my favorite parts so I'd hate to see this banned Tongue_out.
Scratch that, I just tried Gravity Perseus X: D seeing as it's kinda a similar concept, and I get it now - not even something I'd have thought to test, honestly.

What is important is this: I assume GCF doesn't have the same Self-KO issues (otherwise it wouldn't hold up against attack) as X: D and XF do? If it does, then no problem as it's impractical like XF before it.
If it doesn't have those self KO issues, well a) I'd like to see GCF looked at as a kinda defensive tip in general and b) I'm probably going to rapidly (well, relatively speaking - not before I read more thoughts and sleep on it) change my stance on both gravity and waiting to see the meta adapt to gravity (though that was in reference to gravity as an attack part, not as a hey look i got a combo that beats every type part).

I understand not wanting it banned, it's probably my favourite wheel in MFB, but a) there are other cool wheels that could take gravity's place in other areas and b) I care about the format functioning well more than I do my own self-satisfaction with the wheels I get to use, haha.

EDIT: Videos of it in action by anyone who can do them would be great. Also, anyone going to a tournament with the parts should at least try it in free play to see how it does against real opponents (though I imagine with these results you'd probably be using it in the tournament proper).

Also, yes, two people's tests is still not that much data, so yeah I'd definitely appreciate more tests against major combos, particularly the stronger ones in the format - LTSC would be interesting, for example, as they can prove hard to KO for plastic-tipped attackers (though they can't really weak launch against this reliably as the tip shape should make it easy to tornado stall (right?), so that's a major advantage gone), (spin stealers less so as I'm pretty sure that would all come down to the launch each blader chooses if they're both using gravity), and against MF-H Gravity Perseus (ATK, Counter) R145RF would be good (both same and opposite spin, primarily opposite as I find matchups between those two combo types in same spin are all chance anyway), though if the combo only serves to encourage Gravity's dominance over other attack wheels, that probably won't matter too much haha.
I barely got self KOs besides when I launched way to aggressively. GCF could have some defensive use maybe considering how this stood up to attack. An even heavier wheel would make it pretty difficult.

Also, re-reading my post, I didn't intend to come as that selfish. Sorry 'bout that.
Libra could be an interesting thing to try out with it, or even metal fury duo just because of its size - basically we'd be looking at an answer to left-spin attack with that, I think. Perhaps something for a GCF discussion thread if you or anyone else have the parts/time (if you don't have libra, BB-96 calls you, especially if you don't have pegasis either - now there's a wheel that's easy to love but unlikely to be banned Wink).

Oh no I wasn't implying selfishness haha, it's just that this format's wellbeing is very important to me, which was all I meant (I was worried it might come accross how you interpreted it when I wrote it but I am a little tired so I got lazy). I completely understand not wanting to see a wheel you like banned, and feel the same (I'm sure everyone does). All that matters is making sure it doesn't interfere in your position on the topic - doesn't interfere with decisions.
(Dec. 11, 2013  2:27 PM)th!nk Wrote: Galaxy Blade: how exactly does it score KO's against LTDC? I can see it outspinning but winning by KO? If anyone can post videos I'd appreciate it just so I can get a better understanding of how it works.
Well, I found LTDC had recoil. When I was launching I hade me and someone else playing. So when it'd hit it, it would tilt causing it to lose. I would love other people to test. Seen as I may have been launching wrong. I could see if other people test then.
It's possible with this type of bey - fast moving, opposite spin beys can have a destabilizing effect on their opponents, but if it was happening very quickly, after a single impact, that is odd, less likely to be launch based, more likely to be part based - something sitting unevenly or the like. I've had no trouble with Earth 85RSF scraping out against anything I've tried, and you were using 90, which in theory should scrape less. Very odd. Nonetheless it's not huge as I have little doubt this thing can't OS RSF by tornado stalling anyway (tests on that would be neato though, if someone wants to try it).

I'll try to get my hands on a GCF when I can, but we're getting close to christmas and between the mail being busy and the, what, one day of post in the week around christmas/new year thing we get here, it could take some time for me to actually get it even if I can purchase a sonokong Thief Phoenic tomorrow as I hope to.
I just remembered; I was launching Earth 90RSF at full power, but I read it shouldn't maybe that's the case? I'd be happy to redo them, if that's the problem.
Did some more attack tests, but with a more well known attacker than Cosmic.

Gravity Perseus D125GCF vs. Screw Horogium 85RF (3 ties, all redone)
GP: 14 wins (13 KO, 1 OS)
SH: 6 wins (All KO)
Gravity Perseus win percentage: 70%

I'm thinking of some good counters for this thing. My best bet would be another Gravity combo or a left spin spin equalizer because I'm pretty sure this think will have trouble against same spin. I can do some Gravity vs. Gravit tests but even I'm not sure what combo.
I have yet to try this combo out, but it seems very nice. I do like Gravity in limited format a lot, but it's recoil is somewhat annoying though. The tests seem very promising though.

Nice combo man, I'm surprised some attack combos are having trouble with this. Could you try a Gravity Attack combo in the same spin against this? At the recent limited tournament I was able to KO Gravity X;D with a MF-H Gravity TR145 LRF pretty easy in the same spin direction.
Yep. Against same spin, it got destroyed.

Gravity Perseus D125GCF vs. Gravity Perseus T125R2F
GP(D125GCF): 5 wins (4 OS, 1 KO)
GP(D125R2F): 15 wins (All KO)
Gravity Perseus D125GCF win percentage: 25%

I would love to test against Lightning, because itd destroy this to most likely. I bet same spin defense would give this thing a run for its money. The problem is that there aren't any good left spin defenders in this format, unless used Dark Knight on top of a chrome wheel, which wouldn't be heavy at all. I will test it out sometime. In the meantime, I'd love to see more defense and stamina testing, just because we haven't had much of it.
Fake tests (Click to View)
WBO Committee: It was recently brought to our attention that all tests by Crescent in this topic are fabricated. We urge you to forget their results and that someone trustworthy conduct the actual tests for the sake of this metagame.
You need to stall Lightning, that way it'll make contact with Gravity.