If beyblade was like it was in the anime...

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Poll: would you like it like that???

No way
Total: 100% 276 vote(s)
NEET no Kami
it would probably become the greatest sport created. if only we could control our blades, if takara tomy created such a system.
Most best part would be parts where nobody thinks you are not special.When the battle starts they will begin bragging and all and i would just say "SPECIAL MOVE!!!!!!!!!" "DRAGON EMPROR SUPREME FLIGHT!!!!!!" there faces would turn pink while they get obliterated.I would just go in to an apple store and show them my Ldrago Destroy annd tell them"Give me all the ipads,iphones,ipods and mac or you will suffer the consiquences of my Ldrago" in a evil ryuga tone.If it was real everybody would use it for evil purposes.
I am laughing so hard here.
You know when you ask the question,"What about the past?". You gotta remember if beyblade like this was real then man kind would have adapted to the whole situation. Same goes for stuff like Pokemon.

All in all, would love that.

Hahaha that would be so freaking awesome.
I'm a little torn about how I would feel. On one hand, it would be extremely awesome and I would probably kick butt but on another hand, frequent attacks by "villainous" organizations really causes some stress that will surely go around. I mean, sure, I'd be fun but at what cost?
If beyblade was like it is in the anime, then you'll have a group of terrorists blowing buildings up with beyblades and the police who been trained to beyblade would try to battle them, then a few kids will think they can take them on and die in the process (i'll probably be the first :p). Then they'll get banned, but a rebellion will take place and... basically chaos... but wouldn't it be cool!!!
If Beyblade was like it was in the anime, Light Wheels would somehow be tournament legal and incredibly horrible Beys would have a fighting chance if they had a spirit/bit beast inside of them.
Storm Eagle
If Beyblade was like it was in the anime, then i would have been able to make special moves , make them powerful and blast everything up around me.
then i would have been able to spend more time on bey blade and do training training training to become powerful powerful and more powerful to destroy every and every thing around me. and make battle very interesting.Cute
considering what ive seen in the show i honestly think that beyblades would probably be weapons and soon we wouldnt be aloud to play with them however it would be very very cool to actualy have a beyblade with almost a mind as in it could move to the command of a person but like i said it would also be kinda dangerous if abused but at the same time popular.
Dude Retired
If Beyblade truly was like it is in the anime, then the world would pretty much be doomed. We've seen several times, not only in Bakuten Shoot but also in Metal Fight Beyblade, that some spinning tops have ridiculous powers that surpass that of modern weaponry.

After all, people in general, especially kids, will be more tempted to turn into selfish assholes or just evil and greedy morons when given such power. I'm reminded of an episode of The Simpsons in which Homer acquires a gun and basically becomes even stupider because of it, even thinking of robbing the Quik-e-Mart.

Just sayin', giving super powers to kids is pretty much the worst idea ever.
what if only just the chosen bladers had blades, that had exceptional power jut like in the anime.
then destroying every thing would have got much more easier because there would be only some chosen bladers to stop me
(Mar. 23, 2012  3:30 PM)Storm Eagle Wrote: then destroying every thing would have got much more easier because there would be only some chosen bladers to stop me

LOL Thats a good one.I hope in 2050 my child will be making special moves and having to fight in huge stadiums
yeah but creating special moves are not good enough you have give them a cool name also.
i dont care about names its about the power of the move like hades gate of hell kerbecs it has a bad name but look how epic it is
Nuzumaki90 Retired
If beyblade was just like it was in the anime in the real world...

We'd be seeing giant purple colored 3 headed dogs biting the hell out of horses with wings.
the sad part is, everyone would have a heat leone Crying
If beyblade was the same in the real world as it is in the anime, then it WOULD be a very popular game since everyone would be able to control the beys to some degree. there would be the few that posses bit beasts, which if you ask my 10 year old self of the past, he'd say hell yeah but now that I'm older I think that people in THIS world have no idea how to handle that kind of power and it would be hectic to say the least. Now if I WERE IN THE ANIME then that would be a completely different story ! Smile
sarabscientist Retired
If beyblade was like it was in the anime... we'd all be dead.

Kai-V and BeyBrad would also be filthy richXD
Tri Retired
Beyblade like it is in the anime, Huh? Hmmm.........

I think that would be awesome considering I already have some good parts in my collection. I bet the prices for beyblade parts would be like L________________(*-*)_____________l <--This big....

It's Ok, though. I have the almighty E230!!!
I really think it would be stupid if the anime was real life. Why?

-You got the little kids and kids who think they're evil blowing up stuff...

-You aren't gonna have the ability to travel all around the world, unless your parents plain didn't care (I don't think a mother would allow a 6-year old to go to Japan by themselves...)

-Kids yelling, "I'm the best in the world!" and "I am the champion!" all the time...
-Just too much drama. Too much going on...

-Just completely uncomfortable, just dealing with it...

Seroiusly, use logic, and think about it...
You know beyblade would propably be outlawed by the government on multiple accounts of destroyed stadiums which would probably cost millions to fix. Plus every time we tried to have a fun battle we would end up blowing the neighborhood up during the first collision.
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