I don't have a BeyStadium, how can I host a Tournament?

I really want to host a tournament in my area, but I don't own a BeyStadium as of now. And I don't see myself owning one in the near future. Is it possible to host one in any other way? As in, could any of the people attending my Tournament bring one with them? Is it acceptable?
You don't have a Beystadium, you can't organize a WBO tournament. If you can't even supply even one of the beystadiums being used in a tournament, you aren't prepared to organize a WBO tournament. There are so many other infrastructure bits and pieces you need to host a tournament well, such as mats or boxes to keep the Beystadiums on a level surface that won't destroy the tips when they exit the stadium via a pocket.

Other people are allowed to bring tournament legal beystadiums to use in a WBO tournament (that's B-09 equivalents) but you need to have at least one, in case they don't show up.

Get a tournament legal beystadium of your own before you attempt to become a WBO organizer.

Also, wrong subforum for this question. One of these existing three threads in Discuss worldbeyblade.org would have been a better spot for it: