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Country: India (भारत) Registration Date: Aug. 05, 2021

Hi! I am PowerValtryek, and I love Beyblades! My favorites are Valtryek/Valkyrie, Spryzen/Spriggan, Fafnir and other Beys from the Burst series, although other ones suit me well too! I used to collect Beys as a kid, but I stopped (I don't remember why exactly) and now I want to restart as a Burst Collector. If you ask me, BeyWheelz was one of the worst things that ever happened to BeyBlade. I used to own one, but I lost it really quick. I really like Balance and Attack type Beys but Defense types don't really suit me well. Stamina is OK if I have to, but I don't really have the patience to stretch a battle that long.

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