I’m new but want to host a tournament in Toronto

Hi, I’m looking for some guidance.
My kids are really into beyblades and would like me to host a huge tournament for them.
I anticipate that we can get 200-300 kids to attend.
I am happy to set up the tournament and event logistics, but is there someone who would like to look after the actual tournament portion for us?
I’m very good at planning large events and promoting these events to parents!

I am trying to submit a proposal to WBO, but having trouble getting in to do it.

Anyway, looking for guidance/advice please.
I have already found a great venue.
If you click on Tournaments and click "Become an Organizer" it will link you to the rules and regulations and guidelines for becoming a tournament organizer. There's also a rules and resource link from the dropdown menu next to tournaments. Familiarize yourself with at least the Organizer's Guide and the Beyblade Burst Standard format rules.

Also, they don't let you take the organizer quiz until you've made about 50 posts, they want to make sure people are committed to the Beyblade community.

200-300 is too much to expect AND too much to handle for the first tournament you run. Aim for something smaller at first.

"is there someone who would like to look after the actual tournament portion for us?" You're going to have to get experience as a judge for these events yourself, probably by attending other events. You'll have to find other judges as well, especially for a tournament of the size you want, but you'll definitely be expected to act as a judge as well. There was a 170+ person tournament in Canada recently that completed successfully but I don't know how many judges they had, and a lot of parents and players formed misconceptions about how much they would get to play. If you can't meet that commitment of being a judge yourself (you're running this tournament for your kids, and don't sound like an active beyblade player yourself) then I would recommend against hosting a tournament.

There's a lot of information you need to digest. I wish you luck. I have tried the process for organizing a tournament myself, but I can't get anywhere near 200-300 interested parties.
(Feb. 03, 2019  6:17 PM)Jewels Wrote: Is anyone able to guide me? Thanks!

Once you get 50 posts you can take the organizers quiz and host an event. I dont know about 200-300 people but you can try to get as many people as possible.(I dont live in Toronto so I dont know how many people they get) Also you can PM one of Toronto's organizers.
Please read the post-tournament report for the recent Beyblade Shogatsu 2019 tournament. It goes into detail about how much staff you need. For 100+ people, at least 10+ staff all well familiar with Beyblade and WBO tournaments. It's under the section "Suggestions for Future Large-Scale Events (100+ Participants)".


Your path forward is as follows:
1. Get involved with Beyblade yourself. Your kids aren't running this tournament, you are. Learn how to play, judge, and run a tournament.
2. Get involved with the Beyblade community, enough so that you can at least take the organizer's quiz. That doesn't mean you have to start watching the anime, you don't. I don't. But at least ask questions and answer questions.
3. Start small. Get plans set up for a smaller scale tournament. Get familiar with the WBO rules and regulations and fees, etc.
4. Pass the organizer's quiz (goes hand in hand with setting up your first tournament).
5. Do all the prepwork. Run the tournament. Complete all the required post-tournament activities.
6. Then start considering running the 200+ person tournament.

I'm sorry if these weren't the answers you were looking for or hoping for. But they are the answers.
Hey @[Jewels], welcome to the WBO! I'm one of the primary tournament organizers here in Toronto. We host a lot of events throughout the year, but we're actually looking for an indoor venue right now to use for the winter months. I'm curious to hear more about the venue you mentioned in your first post. Can you message me more details privately?