How big is your Beyblade community?

Not too big, but I have like 2 friends who blade and my bro knows a guy who did it in the Plastics Gen. Other than that a good 10 people have showed up at TRU tourneys.
Well, every boy in my class until JR high... It was so fun... at recess if it was inside, we would battle the whole time... I miss those days... It's been 2 years since I last battled with my friends.

I'm thinking of just telling some of my friends I still do and see if you would think of doing it again, but I am not good with rejections...

My supposedly good combo was Poison Serpent ED145F back then...
(Sep. 23, 2012  2:26 PM)OwnageBlader Wrote: Tons in brampton,on(GTA)

Is there? Bring them to the tournaments we have in Toronto!

Mine is extremely small.
Pros: All of the beys in the stores are mine!
Cons: No one to play with... Unhappy
About 7. All of them are easy opponents except my brother and a friend of mine though.
In my area, we use to get around twenty people coming to each event. However, lots of people (including me) have quit beyblade. Last tournament, there was only six people.
I have two other people who live on the road behind me they're such noobs that they broke their Beylauncher L/R on purpose! im trying to convince their mums to let them come though
I'm getting a lot of bladers into the community. Right now a lot of them arn't technically bladers because they don't battle or own beys. So right now... 7(including me) as far as I know of.
It's sucks for me. 5 Bladers that I know of, including me, within a 10+ mile radius.