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Full Version: How big is your Beyblade community?
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As the thread title says How big is your beyblade community mine isn't very large only like 3 people that I know who Beyblade how many Beyblade around where you live?
i just think this should be posted in
off topic forums
and nobody has beyblade around of where they live in shop yes
i think u r referring to bladers
yeah I am referring to beybladers
Well I live in Modesto, California so not alot of people do.
About 20, because of me.
Mine is around 26,975 people.
AHAHA, funny. Why didn't I think of that?
I agree with Blaze Tongue_out but im also in California, Oceanside to be exact. Only about 5 people. So i have to travel alot. UGHH
Californian, Sacramento; by myself i'd say i brought about 3 or 4. Jointly with Kaiouya I'd say roughly 7 or 8 people.
Toronto, tons. If only I attended our tournaments. Pinching_eyes_2
A LOT. So far haven't met a wbo member though.
Well because of me and my other frien we got about 15-20 bladers in my local area and the numbers I climbing fast.Its funny because alot of the kids that play where I live used to say beyblade was stupid.
somewhere around 35 or something. or even more. school is a good place to blade!
(Jan. 03, 2011  5:16 AM)UDC Wrote: [ -> ]somewhere around 35 or something. or even more. school is a good place to blade!

Not in high school Tongue_out 1 of my teachers thought it was a weapon and took away my lightning l-drago 100RF, luckily I got it back after class Tongue_out
OVER 9000!!!!

We have a tourney every week.
There is a lot of people who Beyblade in my area, and I mean a lot haha. In my street there is actually 9 beybladers including myself. And that is just my street, my local Toys'R'Us sells out every 2 days of Beyblade ...
Here in Newmarket, im pretty sure that there is only about 4 people that play.
I guess the whole Sydney scene is pretty big (last WBO tourney had heaps of attenders!), but in my suburb there are very few that have access to Beyblades and even fewer who know about it.
Alot of people in my community. Atleast 50 I think. Well, I meet them all in school and I really never got the time to count so maybe 50-100.
Mine is 5 people and all of them are relatives, not friends.
(Jan. 03, 2011  5:16 AM)UDC Wrote: [ -> ]somewhere around 35 or something. or even more. school is a good place to blade!

well school is a good place but in my school we arent even alowwed to wear shorts so i think that is out of the question for me
i only know three people who beyblade in my town but my town is big like really big so i am still looking
4 Members lol those of which only one is available to to beyblade once a couple of weeks
About 15 people at school, we blade almost every day.
I'm on all my lonesome out in Melville. I'm the lone wolf. Crying
huh! my 12(excepting school) if taken school over 50
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