How big is your Beyblade community?

none what i know of, im sure there are quite a few people out there but of course not like i go to school. so, so far its just me here i usally have to go to OR to beyblade if i ever get lucky.

before it was me and my freinds before i moved LOL.
0 unless you count my mom and brother. I heard there was an elementary school(where my little brother's friend goes) where they BeyBlade after school, but as a 6th grader, I don't really care. Everyone in my school LOVES using the term "gayblade." One time I saw someone at Wal-Mart about my age looking around at beyblade stuff, but he didn't even know what a launcher grip was, and thought I was talking about a Light Launcher ripcord. Apparently he only had a few Legends and a SP, but I don't know about the two bigger kids with him, since they were looking at the Green Lantern stuff nearby. As of online, I know of two Sarasota, FL WBO bladers other than myself. OFFTOPIC: Has anyone seen Ray Striker in Florida?
edmonton alberta 5 people that I know
I KNEW 2 people in my area, then I moved. Where I am as of now, there's only one, counting myself, there's still one!
25+ Bladers here in Illinois. We've got a decent community of some awesome bladers. Heh, we are starting to have tournaments.
174 in UK but I think only around 64 or even less are active enough for 3 tournaments a year...
nearly everyone in my school(50 bladers, 120 pupils) 2 with a wbo account and about 10 at my saturday school
Mine is like 3 people. 1 who ACTUALLY blades (me) 1 who has one bey, no stadium, but can't afford any beys, and 1 who is interested, but is just too lazy to buy some beys lol. I know a couple peoplein Northern Arkansas, that blade, that I've met on here, but I really don't count them since I've never met them :v
(Feb. 10, 2011  10:55 PM)GaHooleone Wrote: I'm on all my lonesome out in Melville. I'm the lone wolf. Crying

Yay! I found a friend who had 2 blades already, and I got one of my best friends into beyblade (birthday gift was a used Storm Pegasis 105RF with tool, Storm Libra 100D, and a Light Launcher II). He has fond memories of his Dranzer, Driger, Dragoon and Draciel V. So now there are 3 people!
The Melbourne community is about 35 people. That is tournament wise. Tournament yesterday we had 25 I think.
One before that was 26. But heap of people had things on. If everyone came it would be big.
ATM The Bladers I hang out with - 4 including me 5. If you count the School 25. There's probably some secret bladers ashamed or whatnot. Counting the Toywiz tourneys which range from 16-25 people. Around 60. Considering I'm the champ or whatever around here, I get to meet a lot of bladers. thebeydude5 is a blader I know who helps organize tournaments ( Nanuet, NY) and theres not much WBO members. But the younger bladers that go to Toywiz do know a good amount of knowledge of Beys. If your from the Nanuet or Spring Valley Area, PM and I'll see If I can battle you. Anyways, the Beyblade community- Around 60-90 from what I know at the moment.
(Jun. 18, 2011  8:16 PM)wolfking44 Wrote: edmonton alberta 5 people that I know

we're from Edmonton too! Wink
Around me, in Belgium, I really don't know how much people are blading. It has to be a lot though because I'm always too late at the shops, when I arrive everything they received only 1 or 2 hours ago is gone. I have my girlfriend who's playing with me and also my sister. That's all I can say for the people living in Belgium.
I live in Brampton which is near Toronto, so my beyblade community is huge Tongue_out
Not very many, never met anyone other than me on the WBO.
The only other WBO member who I know is legopikachu65 and other than that it's just kids, barely any teens because they think it's stupid.
it seems like the beyblade fever here in my country just starting to spread among friends and even family. roughly, i think we have about 2+. more than 20 i think. It just started to grow here. just need to plant more seeds of beyblade into the head of the people hear.XD
I live i jacksonville,FL so not alot of people sadly.
I live in Orange Park so it's just some kids, me, and legopikachu65.
(Jan. 03, 2011  3:34 AM)Hirosan Wrote: Californian, Sacramento; by myself i'd say i brought about 3 or 4. Jointly with Kaiouya I'd say roughly 7 or 8 people.
mine is roughly 13 people and you live in sacramento where exactly I want to battle you

(Jan. 03, 2011  5:20 AM)UnLeAsHeD Wrote:
(Jan. 03, 2011  5:16 AM)UDC Wrote: somewhere around 35 or something. or even more. school is a good place to blade!

Not in high school Tongue_out 1 of my teachers thought it was a weapon and took away my lightning l-drago 100RF, luckily I got it back after class Tongue_out
your teacher should be tested
It's doubtful that Hirosan is watching this thread 1 year after his last post. Probably best to send a message like that via PM...
Noone doese beyblade in my town! T.T
Who has a town like mine? *Wipes away tear*
Just because this topic has been revived-
My Beyblade community is extremely small. One can say that I am the only one in my area. There are scattered lots of people though, but yeah, I met those through WBO...
But once upon a time, when MFB didn't exist, there thrived a huge Beyblade community in my locality. More than 35 members in one place, plus a few more living a bit further away...
i live in sharpsville indiana but there aren't many bladers there is only about 3 or 4 bladers