How To Make Good Posts and Not Get Warned: A Guide to the WBO!

Hehehe..Yeah I know it is a few days old..actually I meant that th!nk should have written this a few months back...
And you could also add to the guide, the link to the "WBO Community Rules" thread, and tell them to read that too. And something YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY ADD, is to make your signature NO MORE THAN 500 x 200 PIXELS!!! You don't know how many people get warned for making HUGE signatures... That is a MUST ADD!!!
Hey th!nk good idea! Your making this easier on everyone! Very well deatailed!
Thanks guys Smile
I'll look at the signature thing, but it is made extremely clear in the rules (though I need to add a clear link to them, methinks).
Wow this helped so much and your article is so detailed
Minor Update to the Re-Enabling PM's thing, added a link to the "Edit Options" page to save time, and a note on it's usefulness. I might include the link somewhere else when I work out where best to put it. Other advice will be added soon, probably (mainly a clarification of signature/avatar rules (Size/Fanart rules)).
I'm new here and I've found this guide to be extremely helpful. Thanks a ton, th!nk! You always have lots of good information to share with us, like the upper attack/upper smash article. Smile
I'm just glad it's being read Smile Thanks for the kind words Smile

In other news, added a link to Blast's Italian Translation of the guide Thanks, Blast!
Stickied just so more people will read it, hopefully.
Is there anyone who goes on the spanish forums? I made a rough translation, but I'd like someone from there to check it and post it there.
nice guide, just subscribed to this thread.
(Aug. 09, 2011  6:57 PM)♥ Wrote: Stickied just so more people will read it, hopefully.

Thanks very much Smile As much as I'm not here as much lately (IRL stuff), I'm glad I might make a difference still.
heh. so thats why i have a warning. thanks for the advice that i should've done when i first started, but i didn't think were important until now!
well I'm sorry i posted a good combo and got yelled at
You posted an awful combo, did not get "yelled at" by anyone, and then decided to argue, insult people, and call me a "petofile".
This has been very helpful and it's a must-read for newer members.
I am not the greatest at controlling my posts and I was wondering why I got warned, but now I really know what not to do.

Thanks, th!nk!
(Jul. 18, 2011  4:52 PM)th!nk Wrote: 3. Don’t ask for/complain about the lack of tournaments in your area.
-Our tournaments are run by our members, not our staff.
-No one in your area running one? Demonstrate understanding of the rules, get a stadium, and do it yourself.
-Can’t be bothered? That’s why there are no tournaments in your area. Stop complaining.

So we could just read the rules, get a stadium, find some people, and start a tournament?
There's an event guide in one of the organised play forums you should download and read. You need to prove that you're trustworthy and reliable, basically.
Last month I added the event guide to the thread on official rules to try and make it a bit more "findable".
This thread is very useful. Very nice gift for a newbie (me).
Awesome bro definetly very helpful and helped me a lot
you are super cool man. this is the 1st thread that makes sence to me.