Hello to all Bladers.

Hello Folks,

sorry that these introduction isn't my first post, i simply didn't saw this section.

So here I am, Tristan alias Sir_Tantris (You can call me however you prefere it Wink ) a 23 years old student living in germany who starts collecting Beyblade again after 15 Years of abstinence. I stumbled accross this forum through google and an excessively research for answers relating to Beyblade.

A lot has changed since the "good old" Plastic Gen, and hell i didn't knew that Beyblade was so competitive, strategic and complex, allways assumed winning or loosing with a Beyblade was all depending on luck. I think these complexity and all the new mechanic relatet to the Burst series got me hooked again. So after a lot of questions in my head (probably all very stupid for a long time Blader) and a long research to answer all these (heck, a Guide for dummies would be very helpfull, i needed probaly half a day to clarify what all theses Names, Numbers and Abbreviations mean) I finally bought my first new Bey today, B-117 Revive Phoenix 10 Friction Starter Pack. A lot of people recommended me the Cho-Z Achilles and i understand why but i fell in love with the Phoenix, his gimmicks and the launcher included in the Starter Pack and for the first purchase I'm not allowed to make a rational decision ^^

Why am I joining WBO? Well thats easy. It's probaly the easiest way to get reliable infromation, news and help, my first posts where simple questions and they all got answered under 30 minutes with short and easy answers so that even i can understand them. The community is mixed through all ages but the posts are respectfull and sincere (at least what i read) this is something you didn't see very often in the internet. And last but not least, i really like playing commpetitive and this organisation with his tournaments is a perfect platform for competitve matches.
Also it seems that the german Tournament scene is a little bit quite, but that is changeable Cool

So, this is it, if anyone of you has some question to me feel free to ask them.

Tristan alias Sir_Tantris
Welcome to the WBO! We’re all pretty chill. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions or just wanna talk Wink. I’m pretty sure that there’s some people in Germany who’s interested in meetups and Tournaments Joyful_3Joyful_3Joyful_3.
Hello Welcome to the WBO!
yeah everybody is pretty chill here! welcome
Welcome to the WBO!