[Hasbro]  Bushin Ashindra A5 Testing and Discussion

Bushin Ashindra A5. 14 grams. Burst Rise.

Discs and Drivers were switched halfway through the tests.

As addition to the "classic allstars" I threw in Turbo Spryzen S4, the only tier 10 Bey according to Bladekid's new Hasbro ranking.

These are just some tests. I don't call any beys bad or good. Feel free to add Your testing results.

A5.4F.Br vs C3.4F.Br
A5: 0 Wins (0% Win rate)
C3: 10 OS (100% Win rate)

A5.4F.Br vs. B3.4F.Br
A5: 3 OS, 4 Draws (50% Win rate)
B3: 3 OS, 4 Draws (50% Win rate)

A5.0.At vs. G3.0.At
A5: 0 Wins (0% Win rate)
G3: 10 OS (100% Win rate)

A5.0.At vs SRS3.0.At (left)
A5: 2 OS (20% Win rate)
SRS3: 8 OS (80% Win rate)

A5.0.At vs TS4.0.At (right)
A5: 2 K.O., 3 OS (50% Win rate)
TS4: 2 K.O., 3 OS (50% Win rate)

Conclusion: As expected, A5 as a defense type Bey cant stand a chance against stamina Beys.

He seems to be on par stamina-wise with the best Defense Bey B3. This potential needs testing against attack types. Though A5 is lacking any gimmicks, he seems to have  tight slopes, which might help against attack type Beys.

As a defense type Bey he could achieve some recoil knockouts against TS4. His anti-attack potential needs further testing.

Photograph of used equipment:[img]https://ibb.co/XY1Bx5Z[/img]