[Hasbro]  A Miscellaneous Testing Thread

(Jul. 01, 2019  4:08 AM)Adarsh Abhinav Wrote: Use 0lift for that too
(Right Spin) SRS3.0L.Br (Down Skirt Mode) vs. (Left Spin) SRS3.0L.Ds-S (Down Skirt Mode) (SS Mode), got it. I'll try to get it done soon. Btw, I'm probably gonna weak launch both Beys with alternate launches as well, as Ds-S is one of many SlingShock Drivers that will usually Self-KO when hard launched in the Burst BeyStadium Standard Type.
Alright, so I recently got 2 more Hasbro Exclusive Turbo Layers, Balar B4 and Gargoyle G4, so I tested them against the other 6 Hasbro Exclusive Turbo Layers I have (Cyclops C4, Dullahan D4, Kraken K4, Ogre O4, Sphinx S4, and Typhon T4) on Gravity Orbit to see where they stand. I also plan on doing the same thing when I get the other 2 new Hasbro Exclusive Turbo Layers, Morrigna M4 and Rudr R4.

If you want to see the previous Hasbro Exclusive Turbo Layer tests I did, check them out here: https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Hasbro-...pid1528557

Just like last time, for the rankings, I gave each Layer a +1 whenever it had a win rate greater than 50% against another Layer, a -1 whenever it had a win rate less than 50% against another Layer, and 0 when both of the Layers' win rates were 50%.

Here are the new rankings.

Until I get Morrigna M4 and Rudr R4, I'm probably going to resume SlingShock Driver testing and stuff.
I don't know if it counts for anything but I found a combo that shouldn't be as good as it is. The combo is Xcalius X3 (Xcalius Set release). 2L. Zt (From Spryzen Requiem S3). I don't know why exactly but somehow, Lift doesn't seem to scrape very much on this combo. 2 seems to be able to be swapped out for 7.
Ef.0w.yrdS for good defense and nice weight
(Sep. 02, 2019  3:12 PM)IloveKyogre1 Wrote: Ef.0w.yrdS for good defense and nice weight
That is wrong in 2 ways
Can S2/S.G.wedge-s be tested (against combos of your choice)? I would suggest trying it against Y.G/H.yard-s (BR mode), U.G/H.U, Dragoon fighter.polish.xtend-s (BR mode).
Against unicrest, use BR mode. Against yegdrion, try out both modes (for SS mode, try stalling and sliding shoot). And, against dragoon, use SS mode hard sliding shoot.
Also, which (spryzen S1/S2) has higher stamina in this combo? (you needn't both S1 and S2 for all 3 tests)