[Hasbro]  A Miscellaneous Testing Thread

(Jul. 01, 2019  4:08 AM)Adarsh Abhinav Wrote: Use 0lift for that too
(Right Spin) SRS3.0L.Br (Down Skirt Mode) vs. (Left Spin) SRS3.0L.Ds-S (Down Skirt Mode) (SS Mode), got it. I'll try to get it done soon. Btw, I'm probably gonna weak launch both Beys with alternate launches as well, as Ds-S is one of many SlingShock Drivers that will usually Self-KO when hard launched in the Burst BeyStadium Standard Type.
Alright, so I recently got 2 more Hasbro Exclusive Turbo Layers, Balar B4 and Gargoyle G4, so I tested them against the other 6 Hasbro Exclusive Turbo Layers I have (Cyclops C4, Dullahan D4, Kraken K4, Ogre O4, Sphinx S4, and Typhon T4) on Gravity Orbit to see where they stand. I also plan on doing the same thing when I get the other 2 new Hasbro Exclusive Turbo Layers, Morrigna M4 and Rudr R4.

If you want to see the previous Hasbro Exclusive Turbo Layer tests I did, check them out here: https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Hasbro-...pid1528557

Just like last time, for the rankings, I gave each Layer a +1 whenever it had a win rate greater than 50% against another Layer, a -1 whenever it had a win rate less than 50% against another Layer, and 0 when both of the Layers' win rates were 50%.

Here are the new rankings.

Until I get Morrigna M4 and Rudr R4, I'm probably going to resume SlingShock Driver testing and stuff.
I don't know if it counts for anything but I found a combo that shouldn't be as good as it is. The combo is Xcalius X3 (Xcalius Set release). 2L. Zt (From Spryzen Requiem S3). I don't know why exactly but somehow, Lift doesn't seem to scrape very much on this combo. 2 seems to be able to be swapped out for 7.