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The parts you get in HMS RB's are totally random, you can get any mix of the parts in that particular RB.
Lucky you. That's the secret rare bey in that random booster although MSUV would have been better haha.
OK, there were a few posts by a few people(th!nk, and Hazel) in Recent Beyblade Purchase recently...
It was about Defense Ring (CWD from Sea Dragon).

So from what I understood, there are seemingly two different types of Defense Rings; one being Defense Ring, and the other being the Secret Free Defense Ring.
So as the name says, does the Free Defense Ring actually spin freely?
And why is it that people say that Defense Ring is better than Free Defense Ring? What is the difference?
If the difference is just the free-spinning nature of the Secret version of the CWD, why is it considered bad?
We have God Ring, which is also Free Spinning, and is also considered to be better than Defense Ring. Is it only because of the extra weight on God Ring?
So, may someone answer my questions, please?
Free Defense Ring does, in fact, spin freely - but this is not the only difference. The two look and are EXTREMELY different in actual design.

Regular Defense Ring: http://wiki.worldbeyblade.org/images/a/a...seRing.jpg

Free Defense Ring: http://wiki.worldbeyblade.org/images/4/4...seRing.JPG

I'm not sure on the particulars of why I've always been told Defense Ring was preferable, but I assume it has something to do with that.

Likely something to do with being noticably more compact.
Ah, I see the difference there. The Free Defense Ring seemingly has a thinner line of plastic on it, and also does seem to be slightly wide, probably a deliberate move by Takara, to let it spin freely.
Not to mention that Free Defense Ring has got screw-heads for studs there... Aaand, those screws seemingly protrude out more than the studs, probably adding to recoil(?)

Thanks, Hazel. Smile
The Fixed/Free thing is just based on having some protrusions inside that ring that fit into the CWD Metal Part.

Free Defense Ring isn't well known, really, but I doubt it would be as good as the other major free spinning parts (CWD Free Survivor (Thunder Dragon) and CWD God Ring (SGMS)), because those knobs protrude too much.

What I'm most curious about, is whether CWD Free Defense Ring comes with the 17g metal part or not, though I'd need an answer from someone who has one and is sure it did/didn't come with the 17g piece.
As far as I have had it explained, all of the CWDs on Sea Dragon from that Random Booster are the 17g one.

I know this isn't an accurate system of measurement, but in-hand, mine definitely feels a bit heavier than my CWD from CWD Free Survivor, and if I lay out a whole bunch of my CWDs(well, three...), and jumble them up, I can regularly pick one that is heavier than the others.
That's good enough for me, Hazel, though I am very surprised that you don't actually have your own set of suitable scales, haha Tongue_out

What's the mold number on the 17g one, by the way (A#)?
I've just never really felt the need to buy them, lol.

I'll check mine, hold on...

Fukobako Box Slash Riger CWD: A4
RBA2 CWD Free Defense Ring: A5
RBA1 CWD Free Survivor: No mold number could be found(it wasn't in the usual place), but mine is definitely legitimate...
Yeah, see, I have this suspicion that all 17g CWD Pieces are A5's...

It'd be cool if everyone else who has one could check their mold numbers too, or, if you have an A5 CWD that isn't 17g, let me know.

Brad also mentioned an 18g CWD in some takara tournament part set (came with a 17g one as well, and something else), but I can't find any more information on that (I had the name somewhere but can't find it, and it didn't help me find anything more). Though the 17g one is apparently 17.6g or so, so I'm kinda confused about the whole thing, haha.

As for your number-less one, perhaps it's because that was the very first CWD ever released (IIRC it was anyway).
The one on CWD Defense Ring on the wiki is also numberless, which is odd (free defense ring is a5, yeah). Could have been swapped (and idk if hasbro did mold numbers).
Yeah, I figured there was a rock solid chance it was due to this being from the first line of CWDs, but I wasn't sure. I checked everywhere on the thing and couldn't find a number.
Does anyone know if there's a special technique or something to fix a thunder dragon attack ring in place? As in, when I'm trying to lock the bit protector, the whole bey starts turning. This thing is driving me crazy

EDIT: Managed to get in on another running core, but I'm trying to put it on Dragoon MF's running core, problem is the rubber tip keeps spinning. I think it might be impossible to put spark dragon with Dragoon MF's RC

Try putting your thumb over both the metal part of the AR and the ABS caul to keep them from rotating.
I think my thumbs are too big.. it's actually bleeding now, so I think I'll give it a break LOL the design on spark dragon is atrocious, I've never had this much trouble putting a bey together
Sorry, dude haha. Try this when you attempt to put it together again:
I have another method to hold it but it's hard to explain. Try putting your index and middle finger on both sides of the BP, holding the AR together. Hold the RC with your thumb.
Zain: It's pretty easy with my Spark dragon I usually just hold the WD in place and the lock the BP in place.
It's impossible for me cos I'm trying to assemble the parts I got from my random booster act 5... so that's thunder dragon's AR, orange Dranzer MF's CWD (the one with the wings) and black dragoon mf's running core! I think putting spark dragon and dranzer MF's CWD as a combo is impossible!
Try harder!

Until your arms are stumps!
You need to push the metal part up on the CWD and push down on the AR
Is anyone able to take comparative pictures of Circle Upper Mold 1/2, or even comparatives of a mold 1 circle upper metal frame versus a Samurai Changer Metal Frame?

I honestly can't tell the difference (perhaps I've only seen pictures of one mold), and I think it might be nice to have as a resource for the beywiki too?
I found my purple DEMS ar and the stuff it came with (lime green grip flat core ultimate version!) so ill so if I can tomorrow.
(Mar. 27, 2012  7:32 AM)th!nk Wrote: Is anyone able to take comparative pictures of Circle Upper Mold 1/2, or even comparatives of a mold 1 circle upper metal frame versus a Samurai Changer Metal Frame?

I honestly can't tell the difference (perhaps I've only seen pictures of one mold), and I think it might be nice to have as a resource for the beywiki too?

I can photograph my Circle Uppers(I have the Booster and the RBA Blue one) in a bit.
Thanks for that, much appreciated, haha. A comparative would be real nice, for both me and the wiki, s'yeah.
This should make the difference pretty apparent.

EDIT: in case you're lost on what to look for here, the two side images show very clear and major thickness differences at the thickest end of the contact point.
Ahh, that does help. Thanks a bunch. Smile