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Oh, it's from Y!JA.
Can you show it to me ?

EDIT : Never mind, I found it.
Question, is Jiraiya Blade a good AR for Defense? From what I've heard, it's the heaviest AR in HMS. And from my thinking Defense=Heavy so, a combo I would use for Defense would be
AR: Jiraiya Blade
WD. CWD Reverse Defenser/God Ring/17g Defense Ring
And is a 17g CWD Defense Ring common?
It's generally too aggressive for straight up defense, especially as Bearing Core 2 tends to be the main choice and for that a rounder AR is a better choice to capitalise on its use of bearings, but then nothing in HMS is particularly good for defense and Jiraiya Blade can be used to at least bring things down to luck with wall saves.

As for the 17.5g cwd metal part, it isn't too hard to find, the Random Booster it came in seems to have been quite common, but it can be a bit of a pain given the general rarity of HMS as a whole, and the fact that buying one second hand isn't always certain given it looks identical to a regular one and may have been swapped around.
I would definitely choose Samurai Upper over Jiraiya Blade for Defense. However, I wouldn't get anything in HMS if you want to play defense, haha. Just get Attack stuff and win all day.
Depending on what you plan to do do, Circle Upper is also a viable choice, as while lighter than Samurai Upper, it has a lot less recoil in left spi (not as significant on BC2 as it is with regular zombies, especially as Samurai Upper can help with a more balance-focussed performance in that it gives better chances of KOing opposing zombies, but still, it has to be mentioned). But *Ginga* is right about not playing defense in HMS, better off facing down attack with attack or failing that something aggressive and heavy, and praying you win the resulting wall save/dko battle.
Ok, thanks guys! Apparently HMS isn't MFB... ;( lol and I will never play Defense, EVER. But I don't have GFC(UV/normal) I might get lucky with a RB2 on Y!JA. It would be hilarious if I got Circle Upper, CWD Defense Ring, and GFC(UV) mission complete XD
Though if you are worried about defense so much definately play Samurai Upper or Jiraya Blade for attack to control recoil/give an edge against lighter attackers.
I'm not worried a lot about Defense(especially since it sucks XD) it was just a thought. I kind of thought as Jiraiya Blade as Wyvang, but I guess not. Also, is Metal Change Core good as a substitute for GFC/UV?
Weight won't give much of an advantage against Samurai Upper/Draciel MS Circle Wide/GFC (UM) at least from what I've seen - like in plastics, speed and grip are at least equally significant to weight (eg the use of very light SG's in plastics attackers being advantageous over something like an MG Core in terms of recoil control - the extra speed that results from not having weight over the tip is more useful than the extra weight in being able to push 'through' opponents etc). Then again, perhaps that combo doesn't fit your definition of light.

@MCC vs GFC, while Metal Change Core is a decent attack part, GFC/GFC(UM) are basically the reason Attack is so hard to beat in HMS, so they're significantly better choices overall, MCC tends to be more of a balance part (though I am adamant about it being straight up superior to Metal Flat Core).
(Sep. 01, 2013  3:20 AM)Shining God MS Wrote: I kind of thought as Jiraiya Blade as Wyvang, but I guess not.
Think of Jiraiya Blade as Flash. Not the best, but still top tier and super effective.
I think he was comparing it to wyvang in terms that it has other uses outside of attack, like in balance or something.
IDK, there isn't really an analog for it in MFB at all, being both straight smash and also an aggressive compact balance kinda thing with Metal Change Core etc. MFB's weight, recoil and minimal separation of weight distribution and contact point choice means it's basically devoid of things like that.

Wyvang is kinda close but like Diablo/everything else like that in the past, that's more due to its weight, which isn't the case with Jiraiya Blade (or anything in HMS/Plastics really).
Okay, and is Shining God MSs AR and RC used in any combos?
(Sep. 01, 2013  3:39 AM)Shining God MS Wrote: Okay, and is Shining God MSs AR and RC used in any combos?
Lol I meant like nowadays. Would it be good at all?
(Sep. 01, 2013  3:42 AM)Shining God MS Wrote: Lol I meant like nowadays. Would it be good at all?

... There haven't been any major changes in the HMS metagame since the articles on beywiki were written, aside from poorer part availability (which SGMS is one of the big victims of - meaning even less has changed because its parts have barely seen any use/testing since then). There's a reason the OP says to read beywiki before asking questions...
Sorry, thanks though!
Hey umm... I was wondering... how much would a gold plated Gaia Dragoon/Driger/Dranzer/Dragoon/Phantom Fox MS/MS UV be worth if you're able to find one, and have they been sold ever and how do you get them?
EDIT: Oops! I accidentally double-posted, sorry!
Which combo would be better to use?

AR: Circle Upper
WD: Draciel MS
RC: Grip Flat Core

AR: Circle Upper
WD: Draciel MS
RC: Bearing Core 1

My meta-game looks like:

Which beyblade should I try to get now, I have:
It really depends. They are two different types completely.

Though personally I would go with the Bearing Core combo.
I would suggest the second one on the basis that in a meta game lacking attack other than gaia dragoon and if the person who has the gaia is also the one with the jiraiya blade because it sure looks like a pretty safe bet.
Its the Hasbro version. Jiraiya, Wolborg, and DEMS belong to one person, Shining God MS.
I would still go with the second one.
Okay thanks Time and *Ginga* what do you suggest for my second question?