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Circle Wide can interfere actually, Circle Heavy is better. So:

Metal Upper/Circle Heavy/Flat Core

and as an okay second

Metal Saucer/Circle Wide/Sharp Core (it has more stamina than Semi-Flat Core but still eh)
Upper Attack is greatly exaggerated in writing about HMS. There's a lot more Upward Smash, which from everything I've tried is both more prominent AND more useful (mostly because of the dual spin nature of HMS and the fact most if not all of the HMS Attack AR's are significantly better in one direction vs the other), and this is something that wasn't really recognised back then.
However, in the case of Flat Core, given its low friction/difficult-to-control nature and the recoil from metal-on-metal contact, I strongly agree with Ga'Hooleone (based on having actually tried these exact setups today in fact!) that Circle Heavy is a much better choice for that setup (which is probably the best thing you can make from that). I'm a big proponent of 15g Circle Wide on Grip Flat Core and especially Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Mode), but this is not a case where that is a good idea. The fact Wolborg MS is not a particularly light HMS beyblade is a big part of this, of course.

@Ga'Hooleone: You sure on Sharp Core having better stamina than Semi-Flat Core? SFC has a really narrow tip diameter and better stability so theoretically at least it should still be a better option. Have you tried this out thoroughly yourself? It's been bugging me for a while so I might give it a shot tomorrow and just 1v1 them with equal-weight circle wides and Advance Balancers on both (or maybe just Metal Saucers given the circumstances this applies to and the fact it's not really different in either spin direction either), but if you've tried it thoroughly then there's little point me doing so again.
Would've done it ages ago but I only recently got a Semi Flat Core that isn't chipped or worn, and since then I've had more interesting HMS things to try or a tonne of non-HMS things to do, so I haven't got around to it. Also be interesting to see how each does against a BC2 defense combo (seeing as they can KO stuff if used right, and that could mean that even if SFC has lower stamina it might be a more viable choice in many situations).
I know for a fact that Semi-Flat Core is better than Sharp Core. It has comparable stamina, superior balance and a movement pattern that can help shave stamina away from other survival Beyblades. However, I'd recommend sharp core solely on the fact that you won't get a DQ for using it for more than 15 battles. If you go to any HMS tournament that is big enough, you will need to bring an extra semi-flat core if you plan on using it. From experience, and I'm sure yours too, Semi-Flat Core will wear down extremely quickly. You'd think it's made of soft rubber or something, honestly.

Essentially, yes. You are right, Semi-Flat is completely superior to Sharp. But it wears down do quickly that it's not practical to use over time unless you have access to another one easily. I know Driger MS is a cheap bey, but I have issues with purchase privileges as you know so this was not an option for me for a very long time.
Build me a combo guys Smile
Draciel MS
Gaia Dragoon MS
Einstein MS
Sea Drake/Dragon
Dragoon MS
Advance Guardian

Attack Combo I use:
AR: Metal Spring
WD: CWD Defense Ring
RC: Grip Flat Core
AR: Circle Upper
WD: CWD Defense Ring
RC: Grip Flat Core

Circle Upper would definitely be the better option over Metal Spring, especially if you go up against Wolborg MS or other Bearing Core Customs due to the Upper Attack.

Other than that,

AR: Circle Upper
WD: CWD Defense Ring
RC: Metal Change Core

Is another one that you can use, which will provide great results.

Now that I think of Metal Spring though, I do recall trying it out some with Metal Change Core and a Circle Heavy. I believe the results were good, but not sure as it was a long time ago. It might be better with CWD Defense Ring, so if you care to try it out, let me know how it fairs.
Thanks! And what should I test Metal Spring Metal Change Core against? Since I don't have a Wolborg yet.
Jiraiya Blade is an improvement over Metal Spring in every manner, just so you know.

The only issue is that there is a sizable amount of recoil in the combo when compared to ARs like Samurai/Circle Upper. Otherwise it sounds like a general Smash Attack combo with some additional Survival.
Assuming the Draciel is Takara, I'd personally suggest its Circle Wide over cwd defense ring for the grip flat core combo..
Sadly, everything is Hasbro.
That means CWD Defense Ring will be light too. Probably still the best option for that attacker, though some would put Circle Heavy ahead of it.

As for the DEMS combo I'd just use straight DEMS in that case, sticking with circle heavy.

You can also use this for stamina:
AR: Metal Saucer/Circle Upper
WD: Circle Wide/CWD Defense Ring
RC: Metal Ball Core

As Metal Ball Core is one of the better non-bearing RC's for stamina (it's surprisingly good - the section for it on Beywiki is pretty flawed, in fact the article as a whole mentions metal ape as a defense AR a couple times which is really not right). If you use Circle Upper you'll probably want to use CWD Defense Ring to help with any recoil trouble. Not sure whether that will be better or worse than Metal Saucer in this setup, whether it will have too much recoil for Metal Ball Core to handle, haven't really used the two together.
is there some combo for the bunshin core? (not necessarily competitive)
I mean, not much considering that the beyblade is halved when you use it.

You could stick a Samurai Upper and CWD God Ring w/ 17.6g CWD, I guess, to increase the weight of both as much as possible and give them some attack/stamina (or as much as possible).
Has anybody else broken their dranzer ms attck ring. One time i was battling with driger and dranzer and the metal knub by dranzers head flew off and indented the stadium. Just wondering if this is common
HMS are generally very durable, with the exception of the occasional tabs breaking off of the RC, so your Dranzer MS was probably very heavily used or it was just a freak accident.
So then whats the deal with my driger ar because that broke too but not at the same time. The only perfectly fine hms beys i have are strata dragoon and advance striker
If you had them for years or used them in 'street' battles (battle on concrete, training against brick walls, etc.) then they will probably break due to abnormal amounts of stress.
How much would a Gold Shining God MS NIB be worth nowadays? lolz it'll be 500$ up.
is it normal that my driger ms is super hard to assemble and unassemble?
(Sep. 26, 2013  2:44 AM)DRAGON KING Wrote: is it normal that my driger ms is super hard to assemble and unassemble?

By "super hard", have you ever assembled an HMS Beyblade before ?
just driger ms
(Sep. 26, 2013  2:48 AM)DRAGON KING Wrote: just driger ms

It can be tricky at first, but once you know how to do it, and have practiced, its pretty easy and simple.

Every bey is different, though.
(Sep. 26, 2013  2:48 AM)DRAGON KING Wrote: just driger ms

Then that is normal, HMS are different to assemble.
To bad every time I take him apart the bit protecter gets more messed up
The Bit Protector can either go on very easily or feel extremely tight when locking it in place.

This was common among my collection of HMS as I had some TT and Hasbro.
Just be careful when assembling it as the Bit Protector's are pretty fragile.
AR: Wolf Crusher
WD: CWD God Ring
RC: Bearing Core
be good as a survival type?