[HMS] Introducing the HMS Database!

Spurred on by Th!nk, I created the most thorough database of competitive HMS knowledge that exists thus far. Basically anything and everything you'd like to know about every part in the sub-series, and a whole lot more, is in here.

You can visit it at www.hms-db.com, either leave feedback here, on discord, or via PMs. Honestly I've written so much there that I'd like to keep it short and sweet here. It's a standalone resource as it is.

Hopefully it either introduces you to the joy of HMS, or encourages you to use ones you already have laying around. Every part has a specific combo/purpose that I've outlined for it, along with a respective "game plan" or course of action to take to ensure the best chances of winning with that combo.

Please enjoy it!
Thanks as I don't play plastics and only hms this will be an important tool
Before I head to bed, just want to post quickly to say how amazing and thorough this resource is. I hope to eventually be this comprehensive with PlasticsDB, it's absolutely incredible what you managed to achieve here in a fraction of the time I took.