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[HMS] Introducing the HMS Database! - Dan - Oct. 04, 2021

Spurred on by Th!nk, I created the most thorough database of competitive HMS knowledge that exists thus far. Basically anything and everything you'd like to know about every part in the sub-series, and a whole lot more, is in here.

You can visit it at, either leave feedback here, on discord, or via PMs. Honestly I've written so much there that I'd like to keep it short and sweet here. It's a standalone resource as it is.

Hopefully it either introduces you to the joy of HMS, or encourages you to use ones you already have laying around. Every part has a specific combo/purpose that I've outlined for it, along with a respective "game plan" or course of action to take to ensure the best chances of winning with that combo.

Please enjoy it!

RE: [HMS] Introducing the HMS Database! - Beybladedb - Oct. 04, 2021

Thanks as I don't play plastics and only hms this will be an important tool

RE: [HMS] Introducing the HMS Database! - th!nk - Oct. 04, 2021

Before I head to bed, just want to post quickly to say how amazing and thorough this resource is. I hope to eventually be this comprehensive with PlasticsDB, it's absolutely incredible what you managed to achieve here in a fraction of the time I took.