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Beywiki is my main source of hms knowledge as well and seeing the % of drafts for hms, it makes me feel that there is nothing much to explore in it. However it is a beyblade after all Smile.
My Wolborg MS broke yesterday. ; A;

The Bearing Core (of course it would be the most valuable part Tired) split directly down the middle on the tip. While this does mean that I can take pictures of the inside for Beywiki, finding another one will be complete hell, especially since I normally have a super low online budget and super tight restrictions on ever buying online, since parents and all control it. I wish I had my own bank account, I have the money to afford a lot of this stuff but my parents won't let me.

1. Sucks bro, I know that feel.
2. Deikailo and Arupaeo could probably help.. Deikailo must have like a hundred Wolborg MS', haha.
@Ga: And that's the other reason I don't get into HMS. Too much break, too much heartbreak.
Breaks happen less than plastics though. I've had this Wolborg for about 6-7 years now, and it had a huge crack down the middle only in the past few months.

The heartbreak, however, is still very much there. ;A;
I've only had a pair of base clips break after some hard use for a month or so. (day in, day out) While my Wolborg MS cracked the day after I got it.

Where is the justice?
(Feb. 20, 2012  9:40 PM)Dan Wrote: While my Wolborg MS cracked the day after I got it.

Where is the justice?

Ikr? I feel for you man.
Stop reminding meeeeee!!!!

Get yourself some Circle Uppers and rock the wobble combo I like, then!
Circle Upper + Bearing Core?

Don't forget to mention Mold 2, then, it wobbles better.
Mold 1 works pretty great too, from what I recall.

The 15g Circle Wide is the standard CWD for that, iirc, but I bet CWD Defense would also be kind of neat on it, especially if you've got the heavy one.
That belongs in the Plastics thread, not the HMS one. Wink
I can not wait to open up this heavy box of HMS beys I got, now I just need a good stadium to battle them in! Looking forward to finally seeing Magical Ape in real life... Wink
You'll be surprised, I didn't expect mine to be so tiny either.
(Feb. 21, 2012  12:06 AM)Hazel Wrote: That belongs in the Plastics thread, not the HMS one. Wink


I get these things mixed up! They both looks the same sounds the same but 2 totally different beys system, well sry about that, i try searching and not to try to ask noob questions.

well i will not ask this question anywhere else, I'm 32 yrs old and i will just hold on to all the pride that i had left on this matter. LOL
I found an Advanced Averazer in my LEGO container! Yay!
I wish I could find HMS in random parts of my house...

Well, at least I made a great trade yesterday, so all's well that ends well. Smile
I just bought a draciel MS...

It has begun...
Draciel.. you start of with a 15g circle wide... Get Wolborg MS as your next then or Gaia Dragoon MS... I'm looking to get the same... but mostly after the plastics tourney.
Perhaps. I'm actually more focussed on attack, but I figured it would be the simplest way to get a launcher and a decent part. I'll end up getting a Wolborg MS eventually, of course.
HMS is probably the best generation to be an Attack Blader - a fair tradeoff for it being the absolute worst to be a Defense Blader.

Until you get ahold of a GFC/GFCUV, Metal Change Core and Metal Flat Core are both perfectly suitable, though, and much more available.

A DEMS should be your first priority for Attack in general, followed by Samurai Changer.
Well, I just won Slash Riger, Advance Balancer/Circle Heavy/Dranzer MF's RC or something, and the phantom fox auction with a couple of bottom parts.


Still need to get: Advance Striker, Wolborg MS, Sea Dragon (takara), and Dragoon MS.

I can't let myself buy an MSUV, I could use that money better.
There are only a couple of situations, iirc, where the GFC tips are actually necessary to score KOs if you're good enough.

If you don't buy a DEMS, I will probably physically strike you.
Obviously I will get to DEMS (METAL CHAAAAAAAAAAANGE HEAAAAART!), but those are the necessities.

Dragoon MS will wait a little longer. Forgot about Sea Dragon, need a takara one of those, and advance striker and wolborg MS. DEMS and Dragoon MS would be next, but that has to wait til I have money, and Samurai Changer would be in there somewhere too, perhaps (though I might just go with advance striker and my slash riger honestly).