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For some reason, I thought you loved physics. Lol

I was thinking something along the lines of diameter divided by weight. For example, GriffolyonMS weighs 22 grams and has a diameter of 50mm.
50mm/22g = 2.27(mm/g) compactness.
Note: smaller number = more compact

....or is it the other way around..?

I personally love compacts. I was talking about them in the competitive combos thread but apparently not everyone thought they were so great haha. Compacts are quite useful in the sense that they can take down certain bearing combos.

Metal Flat Core scrapes? Are you banking too deeply? I've never had that problem....maybe it's just me... :o

I think I might have had a 17g piece a long time ago, but it got lost. Unhappy
You'd want g/mm, so the other way around.
Anyway, did the solo spins with MAMS's Plastic AR on, for comparison if I can get Ga to do some. Remember, these are using a shielded ball bearing (as that's all Ga has IIRC). Same conditions. Measured til the gyro shell stopped rotating around the arena at all, the tip spins for a few more seconds afterwards (not sure when it's considered to have stopped spinning). EDIT: Apparently the tip spinning still counts. Makes sense, it's still rotating. Nonetheless, Ga and I will measure to the same point. Apparently his metal ape times are similar to mine.

With Jiraiya Blade: 2:03:82
With Metal Ape: 1:36:79

It does tell me that at least with two-sided AR's, MAMS's own AR part is better (and it's probably better overall anyway).

So yeah.

And nah, I dislike physics, the only interest in it I have is in relation to beyblade and sometimes music.
Yeah, I've been getting around the same times as th!nk with Metal Ape. The loose bearing got dropped out of the package in transit, so I only have the shielded ball (aka NSK Shield) bearing to work with from my shattered Bearing Core. That's why I was pushing for it.

Tip spinning w/ solo spin is only about 2 seconds extra, but in battle it's a lot longer due to contact. Definitely something to be considered.

Legit HMS Ripcord (from Round Shell)
Straight Shot used, no collisions with the walls and such

Wolf Crusher w/ MAMS Plastic AR: approx. 1:35
Fluctuations of 5 seconds from this average.

It seems like I have more reason to get Jiraiya MS now...
I was also using a legit ripcord by the way.

If anyone else who has MAMS, WBMS and Jiraiya MS could test it, it would be really good, 20-30 seconds is a monstrous margin, and I don't like the wiki being incorrect. Also having "then ninja AR" hidden inside a beyblade is more than a little awesome (perhaps the awesome extends the spin time?)

Oh, and my spin time with Jiraiya MS AR, with the original bearings: 1:46:03
Oh yeah, all my measurements are MinutesConfusedeconds:Hundredths of a Second

That's still really good though I doubt it's anywhere near as good as an NSK bearing in battle, still good for comparisons eh?
Pulled my TBTS out of its box and used it today... I'm kind of disappointed, the dang thing is way too small and the beyblades keep getting caught in the ridges and just staying stuck there! I've got a Tornado Balance on the way, hopefully that's better!
I so cannot believe you used that. It's really rare.
Hehehe I'm not the kind of guy to keep my beys boxed man, gotta use them! I was expecting more from TBTS dude, I might buy a BB-10 for my HMS beys, or that Tornado Attack th!nk suggests. Gotta open and assemble the Black Dranzer MS and white Advance Averazer that came with my TBTS set!

Can't wait to get my Tornado Balance, I hope it's better than the TBTS, although I've heard Wolborg MS is near impossible to beat in there.

I wish I could find a Shining God MS...
Yeah, tbts is supposed to be kinda awkward. Snag a tornado attack off Ebay or something dude.

BB-10 is too KO friendly (not attack friendly, recoil ko's occur more often too).

Nice to see someone else using rare stuff. Really don't see the point in keeping a stadium mint, haha, they're too awkward to ship anyway.
Got a 17g cwd metal part in the Slash Riger I bought off ljadams9


On the downside, so much for the A5 theory, this one's A1.

I have MAMS and Round Shell now so I'll play around with that, still waiting on grip flat cores and WBMS though.

Does anyone else find wear/use affects the tightness of Bit Protectors more than the mold?

Also Draciel MS's AR can kinda fix slash riger's CWD plastic part in place with a tight enough setup. It sucks butts (though I don't have a grip flat), but yeah.

And finally, Slash Upper+My Fingers=PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN
Have fun with your new stuff, th!nk!

About the BP, yeah, I think newer/lightly used BPs might be tighter than heavily used/old BPs. If you have MAMS and RSMS, you should totally make the niche Bearing Core killer combo. Metal Ape + Rubber Weight Core. It was a nearly perfect success rate against bearing combos.

Lol one glance at Slash Riger should tell you that it will hurt like carp if you grab it while it's spinning. XD
I love the structure and looks of HMS beys, right now, seeing as I don't have Grip Flat Core yet, that's the main draw. Metal Flat Core is just horrible, so I'm not really able to do much in terms of attack.

Yeah, I have that combo together, I just don't have a WBMS yet. Killed my BC2 zombie easily in same spin, and against Gyro Mode w/jiraiya blade and an NSK bearing (not legal currently), it comes down to KO's.

As for slash riger, if it had a slightly more conservative ABS caul, those spiked sections of the metal frame would be killers in left spin, I'd imagine. I'm not sure whether I prefer Slash Upper or Circle Upper, as metal flat core is horribly inconsistent and spends most of every match tornado stalling no matter how well I launch.

Also, Free Wing Core may have been a passable defense RC, even with a flat tip, if the wings didn't hang past the tip. It'd basically have been C145 (I guess that's where they got the idea).

Already polished most of my new parts, stripped off advance balancer's stickers and gave it a good clean. Need to do the same to slash upper, but I've just realised I can't find my sticker paper and I don't know if I have glossy sticker paper or not.

Oh, also, the Force Smash mode of Phantom Fox's CWD sort of prevents free wing core's wings spinning backwards all the way on contact, at higher RPM's. This causes a lot of Self KO's from the recoil, and little else.
Is the Metal Flat Core new or what?
I've only ever had Deikailo's used MFC and it flowers fine. I still dislike it as a tip, though..

Anyway, Th!nk, I told you so!! (Click to View)
It's new. There's a small pit in the tip but it shouldn't affect the flowering at all.
Are you sure you're still thinking of metal flat core and not metal change again?
I will have to try more launches, I guess....

And hey, I just went on the info I got from reading the site, don't blame meeeeeee (and, you were talking about metal change core, not metal flat).

Also, I quite like this combo (apparently it's supposed to have a Bearing Core 1, not BC2, but yeah):

AR: Turtle Smasher (Round Shell MS)
WD: CWD Circle Attacker (Phantom Fox MS)
RC: Bearing Core 2

Standard wobbler I guess.

But I really don't have much to try it against until I get grip flat core.

Metal Flat Core is more controllable when worn. Just play around with it, and over time it will be easier to use.

Also, your post has reminded me that I need to get some sticker paper. My Advance Attacker's stickers are really torn up on the outer edges, and my Samurai Upper has practically nothing on it.
Eugh. Still unimpressed by it. Hopefully it will get better but I'm dying for GFC.

Advance attacker's stickers are just horribly placed. Get a nice print out and save it for when you're never going to use it again.
Dang, I did mix it up.

I take back Finn. :V
Don't, he's awesome. I need to watch that show more...

Oh, also just noticed, my Hasbro DEMS BP (I have the AR and BP only :c) is mold 2 or 3. Might be worth mentioning on the wiki or something. I'm not sure how accurate that bp mold list is overall tbh, with later recolours and so on, and Hasbro releases...
That show is pretty overrated, tbh. It's mostly nonsense and wierdness, even for a cartoon. It was somewhat decent at its premier, but the quality is definitely going down the drain.

The BP list isn't completely accurate, IIRC. Dang, should have gotten DEMS when I was a wee boy. I was foolish; I didn't know of it's value let alone how to pronounce its name (I called it Dark Ef-Fig-Gee lol).
Eh, I've enjoyed what I've seen and most people with similar tastes enjoy it, haha.

I should have bought a lot of HMS when I was a kid, but my allowance didn't leave much room for it.

Also, man, the running shooter grip is comfy. If only it was possible to get a proper HMS customize grip at a decent price, haha.
I am sure it is comfy, haha. The finger impressions really help. Have you shot Round Shell in Running Mode yet?
Yes, it's a lot faster than I imagined, too.

Ga mentioned setting up targets, it's something I will probably do because that's the sort of thing I do.

Also, going to try removing the shaft of free shaft core and using it as an (obviously illegal) force smash RC tomorrow.

Also, I remember someone mentioning they'd considered Round Shell MS and Slash Riger MS to be the Draciel and Driger MF beys, to which I replied with a "I considered it but idk really". I'm not 100% on riger, but Round Shell MS was either originally designed to be a draciel, or IS a draciel. Looking at the name of the AR, the design, and the BP, it's not possible to say otherwise. However, the RC, less so. I think they were going to do an MF version of draciel, and then didn't get around to it, had the Running Mode idea lying around, and threw them together.
There are certainly many similarities to RoundShell and Draciel. RSMS has a sniper/army feel to it, and Draciel always had an armoured/fortified feel to it. Both have shelled creatures for Beasts. It is a shame that HMS ended the way it did. We might have definitely seen full MF versions of Driger and Draciel. And who knows, there could have been Death GargoyleMF.

On a side note, I've been planing on creating my own version of WolborgMF(Metal Frost) for quite some time now.
Both are turtles with emblems no more different than any two given draciel's, haha.

Wolborg MF would be like, Wolborg MS's AR on Bearing Core 2 with some fancy CWD I can't think of at the moment.

As for Death Gargoyle MF, I don't think they could do much to improve on DEMS. Though, if they gave it a bearing-supported metal flat core, well...
I thought that the MF versions of draciel and driger should be sea dragon and thunder dragon.

draciel ms-sea dragon because they are both water elements and sea dragon rc has a metal ball in like nearly all draciels and they are defence types.

driger ms- thunder dragon because they are both thunder/lightning elements and thunder dragon can spark creating lightning.