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Driger has never had a spark gimmick. Plus, there were spark offshoots of all 4 main spirits anyway, they just weren't made.

Plus, IIRC both were design contest beys. I'm talking things actually rooted in factual similarities here.

I imagine WolborgMF to have a a reversible AR, a CWD, and 2 bearings in its RC.
I'm not sure if Hazel mentioned this, but it's entirely possible to swap the handedness of sonokong's neo grip, and use it's launcher-holder on the Running Shooter without disassembling it. Maybe I misinterpreted his post,, but the head of the sonokong neo customize grip has the usual HMS handle attachment points and swapping ability.

If it was already known, well, it was a nice surprise to me anyway ;3

Also, Sonokong Draciel MS doesn't include a 15g Circle Wide, sadly. But the unbroken ripcords from that and gaia dragoon MS make up for it :3

EDIT: Actually, my Sonokong Draciel MS WD is between the thickness of a 14g and a 15g, and weighs more than my "14g" one (13.89g vs 13.76g, my 15g one is 14.8 or something). Weird.
I had always though it would be able to do that and even asked once on the ask a question thread but no one gave me an answer.
Yeah, Hazel just confirmed this to me in a PM discussion. It just takes more force than expected to do it, haha. And yeah, I can confirm it does work with the running shooter, though I prefer the huge bulky grip right now, looks much more intimidating.
this thread gives me so many FEELINGS
I do love HMS but I don't own a lot of them.
(Apr. 11, 2012  4:28 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: this thread gives me so many FEELINGS

Hey, perhaps while you're here, something that would help a couple of us a lot: Do you recall why was it not legal to swap the accessible bearing of Magical Ape MS's Gyro Mode? Sorry to be a bother!

Also: Won a Dragoon MSUV today, for a really good price, thanks to Zain. Cannot express my joy in a post. Eee
With the omnidirectional-ness of HMS, this doesn't surprise me in the least, honestly.

@th!nk congradulations on winning the Dragoon MSUV! Have fun with your new stuff!

beybrad come back to us. You know you want to! Hang around the HMS and Plastics threads, at least.

Excuse me I was the one that suggested the Driger and Draciel MS and I don't think that Wolborg MF would not have a Bearing Core 2 but something more like a bearing supported, rubber tipped HMS version of Wolborg 4's base/tip combination with dual spin and no EG of course.

EDIT: JBladerMS I misread your post and 2 bearings would make sense but would make more sense on an HMS Burning Kerberous.
I only own 2 HMS Beyblades: MS Wolborg and MSUV Dragoon.

When I battle, the Wolborg MS wins every single damn time, no matter what, although the Dragoon MSUV's spin is faster.
Buy more beys and customize. Wolborg MS is awesome uncustomized, while MSUV has the best attack RC but needs a better AR (and probably WD).
I currently ordered 4 more HMS Beyblades (Gaia Dragoon, Draciel MS, Dranzer MS, Driger MS). However, I am relatively new to them and will need to learn/understand how they work a little bit more before I really start customizing.

Although it may sound fun, I don't think that simply switching the disks and the other parts from one beyblade to another is a wise move if you don't know what the change will eventually lead to.
Arborlite- I may sound a bit dumb, but I suggest you to not play around too much with that MSUV of yours. It is an amazing RC bearer, and its better to not wear it down to much; seeing how rare it is... Smile
Eehh, none of those are that great, though Draciel's Weight Disk will improve Wolborg, it's a slightly heavier version of it.

You also have to be able to perform a sliding shot effectively (check the article on beywiki) to control MSUV's tip.

As for parts, there's a competitive HMS combo list in the Customization Forum you should check out, to see what's good. MSUV's tip is one of the most expensive and prized parts in beyblade so yeah.

Oh, and yeah, depending on the condition of the tip and bey as a whole, MSUV can be worth a fairly sizeable amount of money, so do keep that in mind.
Well, experimenting always leads to new results no?

Try to find a Samurai Changer or Death Gargoyle/Dark Effigy MS. The ARs of both are top-tier for attack, and pair well with the MSUV RC.

Never sell that MSUV btw, it's super rare nowadays and extremely expensive.
My MSUV is brand new; not a single scratch. All the decals are in perfect condition. And no, I don't spin it very often!

I will read through those articles in order to improve my general knowledge about HMS. It's truly amazing and the more you know about them, the better you eventually become. Thanks!

I also seem to have forgotten about my regular Dragoon HMS, which makes me a 3-HMS beyblade owner. Although it is in a very good condition as well, for some extremely odd my Dranzer GT beats it 6 out of 10. It shouldn't happen at all, considering that HMS > plastics.
Yeah, that's probably worth at least $100, depending on who you ask/how much someone wants it, you can probably get more. But I'd say keep it and enjoy it, because it's a pretty rare opportunity to be able to do so.

Dragoon MS is sweet too, you've basically got the three most famous HMS, haha.

As for Dranzer GT beating it, I imagine Dragoon MS lacks the power in its AR to do anything against something that large, and Dranzer GT has decent stamina. It's hard to say with uncustomized beys, haha.
Seriously, you've got some extremely nice HMS. Smile
Another rather predictable suggestion-
It'd be better if you do not battle plastics and HMS beys as you may expect them to break, haha!
Unfortunately, the HMS that I have are also the only ones that I am currently aware of haha!

Regarding plastic vs HMS battles; yes, unfortunately I already broke my Dragoon S after a battle with Wolborg MS. It completely destroyed the plastic cover, although the bit-chip is still intact. Again, this is just another proof of the HMS awesomeness and power!
Man, if you knew how lucky you were, haha. I won a Dragoon MSUV in an auction yesterday (thanks to Zain), and I'm still ecstatic over the whole thing!

As for Dragoon S, those plastic covers break pretty easily. It's a shame, too, they look great and aren't too easy to come by!

Almost all HMS have BeyWiki articles, we're only missing three: Dranzer MS, Dranzer MF and Aero Knight (and for Dranzer MS, Nocto wrote an awesome draft in the BeyWiki subforum), and as for a list of them, the beyblade parts list on the wiki, ( ) includes every links to one of them, and the names of their parts.
Oh wow, you won an MSUV?! That's a great thing, man! Grin

This would actually go slightly off topic, but you actually completed the "protagonist collection" of beys, haha!
Dragoon MS/MSUV, Dranzer MS, Driger MS, Draciel MS and Gaia Dragoon MS!
Out of these, the first in the list is the only bey which is tough to obtain. What luck, you have it already!

Not to mention that three out of all the HMS you own currently, are my most favorite HMS beys too- Driger, Wolborg and Dranzer MS.

And as th!nk said, those plastic covers on Dragoon S break too easily.
Still, do not continue with these cross-generation battles, or even the most tough-to-break plastic might get a crack or two...
(Apr. 11, 2012  4:51 PM)th!nk Wrote:
(Apr. 11, 2012  4:28 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: this thread gives me so many FEELINGS

Hey, perhaps while you're here, something that would help a couple of us a lot: Do you recall why was it not legal to swap the accessible bearing of Magical Ape MS's Gyro Mode? Sorry to be a bother!

TT banned it once they realized it was very, very strong. Personally IMO Gyro mode should not be allowed at all, it is not really a "Beyblade" to me ...

Wish I'd hung onto my HMS a bit longer, seems they are very valuable now, wow
It's reaaalllly easy to knock out though, but yeah, I see the point seeing as it wipes out everything that isn't attack (and stands some chance of KOing rubber weight core). Thanks for the explanation, settles that for me Smile

I still consider it a beyblade though, it was meant to be used, even if it wasn't that "beyblade-y". Tongue_out

Yeah, prices are a little crazy right now. Still, HMS are really something.
One of the few reasons why I play MFB is because HMS is too expensive for me, TBH. That and Zero-G is really interesting to me.