HIGH PARK THROWDOWN - Toronto Beyblade tournament! (July 19th, 2009 - RESCHEDULED)


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[Image: highparkthrowdownlogov2.png]

High Park (map) - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, July 19th, 2009 - 1PM
(originally slated for Saturday, July 18th)

Calling all Toronto area Bladers! Come join Khel, Blue, and I as we host the first Beyblade tournament in Toronto in years (outside of Anime North haha)! Keep checking back here for more details as they become available!

We're hoping that we can create some sort of Toronto Beyclub, with HPT being the first event. Assuming we have enough attendees, this will be an official WBO tournament, so make sure to get your Blader Passport if you haven't done so already! And of course, we'll do some ranked and free battles in between everything. Oh, and there will be some prizes!

If you're interested, please let us know here so we can start building an attendance list. Hope to see you there!

[Image: tornamentgrounds.jpg]
[Image: tornamentgrounds1.jpg]
On the day of the tournament, all of us will be meeting at the Bloor entrance of High Park at 1pm (as shown on the map here) and we'll walk to the location. Anybody who shows up a little late can just use the map and pictures to find their way.

If you think there is a possibility of you getting lost or anything else coming up, PM Khel right now to get his cell number.

Attendance List:
Minion + other friends possibly

Possible Attendees:

EDIT 7/19/09: The tournament is over! Thanks to everyone who showed up! Keep an eye out for details on our next gathering.

Final Standings!
1st Place: kool-kid9980
2nd Place: Kei
3rd Place: Khel
4th Place: Minion

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4. The Tournament Will Last At Least a Few Hours

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Ok, Blue and me scoped out High Park. It's a really neat place to hold the event. It's a massive beast of a park, but we managed to find a nice area that is shaded (trust me if the weather was like today you will thank us). Blue took a couple of pics and will post them soon.
Awesome. My mom said it wasn't that good of an area in Toronto. Is that true? She said that my Dad would have to stay in sight of me since its a ''bad'' part of Toronto.
(Jun. 28, 2009  12:01 AM)kool-kid9980 Wrote: Awesome. My mom said it wasn't that good of an area in Toronto. Is that true? She said that my Dad would have to stay in sight of me since its a ''bad'' part of Toronto.

there's going to be several adults there so you will be fine
(Jun. 24, 2009  5:46 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: 1PM is early? lmao

Today I woke up at 3PM Brad. I'm not good when it comes to waking up on the weekends, lmao.

I have money for the blader pass, as well as if anyone wants to sell things (lmao, I'll even buy Bull).
Speaking of selling, does anyone know if they are gonna sell there?

P.S nice Sig To!
This is what we're aiming to provide for prizes (if we have enough people for a tournament!):

Attack Stadium
Bey Reshuffle Set Stamina & Defense Type
Rock Leone
LL Drago

Dark Wolf
Dark Bull

Dark Bull

There might be some RBLV2's thrown in there, and maybe some other changes, but basically that'll be it. Grin
Now if awesome bey-prizes are not enough to entice you, well then you are hopeless.
nobody better whine about the entry fee now
I wasn't whining about it before. 5 bucks is a great entrence fee. How many people would we need for this tourny?
(Jun. 29, 2009  1:41 AM)kool-kid9980 Wrote: How many people would we need for this tourny?

Nice prizes. That will attract more people to the tourney Smile
It sure as hell would be weird to have all these prizes and weak turnout.
Did you guys get any responses from any BWR attendees yet?
Kei sent the email. He has not informed me of any responses.
Do you have to have a passport and map doesn't work even tho i can just google it
Passport or pay $5 tournament fee.
Those some nice prizes. There is nothing preventing me from coming (except me sleeping, but I should be good with the alarm clock). It's wheither or not I get Storm Pegasis in time. Since my Quetz is so perty, I fear of it getting scuffed, lmao.
Sweeeet. I'm going all out for that attack stadium. First place all the way ^^
Hmm. Kei and Khel will be there though, and from what i saw at BBWR, i gotta up my game...

Seriously though, thanks a bunch for doing this guys. This'll be so much fun depending on the turnout.

Hopefully we can get some free play in? rank battles?

edit: buying a passport because a "Blader Passport" sounds totally badass IMO
Of course you'll be allowed to have free battles and ranked matches. I'll be having quite a few myself.
Just dedicated the better part of my day to beylauncher practice. If i get the go ahead from my parents, i could probably get there a little early. You guys want help with anything?
Not yet, but if we do I will fire you a PM. Smile
I could get there before time too. I live fairly close. [I don't know what a 13 year old can do to help but if you need me I'm right here!]
hmm i guess I could buy a train ticket and get to toronto. lol only $100 XD if anyone wants I could bring my plastics and hms to sell lol I need money -.- bills suck and so does my job
It would be awesome if you could make it! Smile
lol well I will do my best then Tongue_out i'm sure I can find a place to stay afterwards.