[Guide]  What to Buy to Be Successful in Beyblade Burst (Needs Updating)

(Jul. 18, 2017  10:06 PM)Mage Wrote:
(Jul. 18, 2017  8:08 PM)Mitsu Wrote: I don't personally own an Alter Chronos to make a proper judgement, but I'd be interested in hearing @[Kei]'s on whether Blaze Ragnaruk or Alter Chronos is the better Layer. Trans isn't necessary in the current competitive game, so if the significance between the two Layers' success isn't that different, there's more incentive to buy Blaze Ragnaruk with 4 and Cross.

aC is so far IMO a great layer in Stamina mode, it has stamina on part with Neptune and it's design makes it quite hard to burst. Although it is prone to spin stealing by dF

Yeah. Alter Chronos has better stamina than Blaze Ragnruk and good defense (although I haven't compared it directly in specific match-ups to bR). It's also heavier than bR. I don't know if it's fair to say that it is any more prone to spin stealing by dF than any other right-spin Layer; it depends on combo balance and the Disk/Driver match-up more than anything in those cases.
oh yeah - I've been meaning to post this for a while, but anyone is free to form an updated list if they choose to.
Here's my version of the updated list