Frozen Garden Cup (Feb 14th, 2009, Central Park)




One Beyblade is prepared and used in each First Stage match.

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THE PARK OFFICIALS MAY ASK US TO MOVE. We have a lot more people than expected. PM me to get my cell phone number. If you show up and we are not there, you can call the number to find out where we are. I can't be responsible for people who do not heed my warning.

Alright people, we just had a tournament in NJ so now it's time for a tournament in Central Park. Let's do this.

Enter the Frozen Garden Cup.

Here are the two videos from the Autumn Shakespeare Tournament:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Saturday, February 14th, 2009 (Raindate is Sunday, February 15th)
Location~ Central Park, Charles B. Stover Bench (C80 on the maps) (same place as last time, I just know the name of the thing now)

Here is a link to the page for it

Time~ 12:00 PM-Nightfall, but we'll play it by ear so everyone gets to play. Please be there as early as you can. The reason this is an hour and a half earlier than the last one is because nightfall is coming upon us much more quickly now in the winter. It is dark by 5 PM.

Afterwards, we may go and have dinner. I know of two very good sushi places. One is Sushi A-Go-Go and it's on 63rd and Broadway, and the other is... Lilli something. It's on Broadway and 57th or something. It wouldn't be hard to find. That place is more spacious than Sushi-A-Go-Go and they have bubble tea! And other stuff.


Conveniently, the Museum of Natural History is right where you need to be. Ask anyone at the stations how to get there or go here for more information on travel from various places:

From Penn Station or Port Authority Bus Terminal, you are going to want to get on the C train subway uptown . This will take you a few stops to 81st Street- Museum of Natural History. When you get off of the subway, there is an entrance to the museum. Exit through the street exit to the left and you should be able to get out and find yourself facing the park right outside of the museum.

You can also take the 1 train to Broadway and West 79th Street. It is close, but taking the C train will get you closer to the park and the area you need to be. The 1 train will not stop at Port Authority Bus Terminal.


[Image: Centralparkmaprevised.jpg]
[Image: Subway-Parkmap.jpg]

The map is revised now because the subway station doesn't dump you off right at the mouth of the transverse. So are the instructions.

I want to warn everyone not to exit the park through the 79th Street Transverse if you are alone or only in a small group during sundown and NEVER after the sun has fallen below the horizon. Only enter this way. Our goal is to leave the park before nightfall. When it starts getting dark, the tunnels on the Transverse become dangerous. I will bring a Central Park Map with me. I will accompany people out of the park and to the C train when the tournament is over, and then the ones who want to catch dinner will stay with me and I will accompany you afterward.

You want to move left from the subway station until you hit 81st street. From there, you will turn right to enter the 79th Street Transverse. Stay on the left side! It is a road. There are cars traveling along the Transverse.The Transverse comes off of 81st street on the North side of the Museum. Keep walking. You will pass through a couple of tunnels. There is one particularly rocky and natural looking tunnel with pipes hanging from the ceiling. There will be an entrance to the park immediately after this tunnel to the left. Go up the stairs, then go left towards the castle and walk to the top of the castle via the main stairway.

[Image: Belvedereabove.jpg]

Here you can see a diagram I have made of the castle. After you get to the top of the stairs, turn left and go down the other set of stairs there. You will encounter an area with green grassy areas and benches on either side. Walk forward, and you will see a split path. Go straight ahead to the stairs that go down around a garden of greenery, and you will be at the tournament location, which overlooks the Shakespeare Garden. There's a big stone bench with spirals on either side, and the stone bench sits atop a slightly raised oval-shaped area. It reads "Charles B. Stover". If I'm not there and nobody else is there, call my cell phone. Here are pictures of the bench in the tournament area so you know what I'm talking about.

[Image: DSC01699.jpg]
[Image: DSC01708.jpg]

Okay, finally.


Bring a stadium if you want to. We don't have Tornado Balance or Tornado Balance Type S. I'll be bringing MFB Attack, MFB Balance, and MFB Stamina Stadiums.

Park Rules: Just don't bring any amplified sound devices like boom boxes and we should be fine. We really don't have enough people to warrant obtaining a permit I don't think, but we have a lot more this time around so we may be asked to move.

Plastic format.

We will be using all standard WBO Rules. Round robin, 3-point Beybattle.

The first tournament will be the ice tournament. It will be conducted in either a frozen MFB Attack or a frozen MFB Balance. It will be plastic format.

Here are some pictures of an ice stadium:
[Image: DSC02446.jpg]
[Image: DSC02467.jpg]

Frozen Stadium
They will destroy the stadium very quickly. We can play with them in the stadium after the ice tournament, though.


Custom Special!! Metallic Forest Green Leone145D
Orange and Black Pro Blader's Gear

White Afi
Cye Kinomiya
-Cye's friend
Maz maybe
Bronz maybe
Pinoy Blader maybe
Vidkid440 maybe
Xeno maybe
Shiningblaze maybe
Ozzy maybe
Total 22

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4. The Tournament Will Last At Least a Few Hours

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Going to the knicks game that night
By the way, I'm trying to alternate between NJ and NY so we can be within everyone's reach. Regardless of where we do it, some of us have to travel a distance to play.
My beyblades are in storage. I'm trying to get them out either today or tomorrow, or at least by Saturday. If I do I'll definitely be there.
i have to move back into school the next day, it's going to be a close call. =/
I can't do it the next weekend because I'll be in California. Sorry. Just try to make it. The day will end very fast... dark before 5 PM. You can be on a train back before 6 and it takes you an hour. You won't be home too late.
Well it's Wednesday now and I haven't even really heard from anyone.
Dang I wish I cud make it...Unhappy I really wanted those prizes.
Normally this wouldn't be a problem but they have me moving out of my dorm room into another dorm room far away..It's really doubtful I can make it. =/
I'll try, but I wanna know how many people will be there beforehand. If there's barely anyone, then I won't bother. Of course, getting permission will be a bit...difficult.
(Jan. 14, 2009  11:23 PM)Shining Blaze Wrote: I'll try, but I wanna know how many people will be there beforehand. If there's barely anyone, then I won't bother. Of course, getting permission will be a bit...difficult.
Yeah. I won't go if its just me and Anubis. I want to compete for that Leone Grin

I should be bringing at least one person with me
If we have a problem getting people to go, I'll reschedule for the 31st.
Alright well it's the end of Thursday and I'm not hearing from people, so I'm rescheduling this tournament for the 31st.
I should definitely have my beyblades by then. The only thing that would stop me from going then is if no one else does.
Wooters, I will be expecting some great videos!
I think that even if this tournament gets screwed, we should still get together and have fun even if it isn't enough to really have a tournament.
I apologize. I had to push the tournament forward another week.

I've learned that I'm going to be in Los Angeles for a week following the convention, so I won't be in NY on the 31st! Oh well.

At least now you guys have more than enough time to prepare.
when is this tournament and is it ok to use mfb beyblades
never mind i cant come my dad dosnt want me in this tournament since im alredy going to a differnt 1
Its on February 7th(its in the title, lol). And its plastic format, apparently. There is a parts that ren't allowed list in his first post, read it.
^ Don't you mean HMS only??
IDK, it says Plastic Format in his post, but he's banning some HMS parts, maybe both? I don't think you can use MFB, though.
We can do whatever, but the main tournament is plastic format because everyone seems to have plastic parts. Not everyone has a lot of HMS and only a couple of us have MFB. Even so, MFB isn't a competitive game right now.
Judging by the rules I think it'll be HMS as well?
Ill let you know if I can go when the date comes closer