Fire at Kyoto Animation

Horrible news coming out of Japan today  Unhappy

An arsonist set fire to one of the most popular anime studios.  33 people are dead and more have been injured.  Please say a prayer for families who lost their loved ones and the survivors who have been hospitalized.
Oh my gods. People these days! Not even anime studios are safe from arsonists and terror, as society is so used to arsonists by/at government-approved events/places/etc (and even small places like schools and bars)

I really wish the survivors well
Oh no Unhappy. This is horrible. I feel really sorry for all of those who have passed and those who are wounded. I can’t believe that someone would burn down an anime studio. I have no idea why someone would do this.

I really hope that survivors are okay. Unhappy
Dang, not only an animation studio, but a popular one. Terrible things happen all around the world, and it needs to stop. I wonder what will happen to the anime they were producing.
Kyoto animation makes some of my favorite anime!! why would anyone do this?! I hope the ones who were injured make a fast recovery...
Koe no Katachi is the best movie I have ever seen.
And this was a product from this studio. May the souls of the legendary directors and staff rest in peace.

I hope the studio gets back on its feet again.
I feel so bad for all the families of the people that died. Arsonists are terrible.