Feb-Bey-ary Freeze! Selling Thread [26/02/11, UK]

This thread is for all those selling any Beyblades/Accessories at the Feb-Bey-ary Freeze tournament, please list the items you're selling and the condition they are in.

1. Don't be rude if someone declines an offer.

2. Do not make an offer or commitment to buy if you can't afford it or won't be attending the tournament.

3. PM the sellers your offers if you are interested in something they have to sell don't write your offers in the thread!

- A generous percentage of profit will be donated as part of WBO fundraising by Team Triple ThreaT.

Sup guys, I have some more stuff to sell to you lot:

You offer unless I state price.
PM only to offer.
Some items will be for auctioning.
Stock here, may not be available to buy on day, due to being sold here.

I will always tell you if an item is bidding type (most are).
I will always PM you if you are outbid.
I will possibly do some sort of autowin system bladers requested last time.

Colour Coding:
I'm Awesome, Tier Topping, Rare/New, Very High in Demand
I'm Great, Hard to Get, High in Demand
I'm Good, Uncommon, Wanted

Will post photos later.

Basalt Horogium 145D - Takara - NIB - OMG!!!
Screw Capricorne 90MF x 3 - Takara - NIB - 2 SOLD! 1 LEFT!!!

Killer Beafowl UW145EWD - Takara - MINT

Snipe Launcher x 3 - Takara - NIP/B
MF Remod Ver. Set - Takara - MINT
Launcher Rubbers x 3 - Takara - NIP (or sale separately)
MF-H & Turquoise tool - Takara - MINT
Metal Face reg. BLACK - Takara - Great Condition
Right/Light Launcher 2 x 2 - Takara - MINT - £5
LED Sight - Takara - NIB
Dark Wolf DF145FS - Takara BB-32 - NIP
Beyblade Sized plastic containers! Blue/Pink - Stores up to two beyblades! x 6 (not actual Beyproduct) - MINT - £3.50 ea.

Basalt Wheel!!! - Takara - NIP (only high offers to sell)
Libra Wheel (BB-96) - Takara- MINT (possibly to be reinstated)

Pegasis Pre-HWS BLUE - Takara(BB-96) x 3 - MINT - £10 ea - 1 sold
WD / Wide Defence bottom x 3 - Takara & Hasbro - MINT - £4 ea.
Earth Wheel - Good Condition - Takara - £10 (last one)
RF / Rubber Flat bottom x 6 - Takara/Hasbro - MINT - £6 ea.
Screw Wheel - Takara - MINT
230 Track - Takara - NEW (maybe)
MF / Metal Flat bottom - Takara - MINT/NIP
85 Track x 3 - Takara - MINT - £8 ea. - HURRY UP 1 LEFT!!!
Burn Wheel - Takara - MINT
R2F bottom - Takara - NEW

Quetz Wheel Gold - Takara - Used
PD Bottom (maybe) - Takara - NIP

90 Track x 3 - Takara - MINT/NIP - 1 SOLD
Storm Wheel Blue - Hasbro (Super Vortex Ver.) MINT
Pegasis Clear Wheel Red - Hasbro (Super Vortex Ver.) MINT
Lightning Wheel Red - Hasbro (Super Vortex Ver.) MINT
Ldrago Clear Wheel Gold - Hasbro (Super Vortex Ver.) MINT

Thermal Wheel - Hasbro - Used
100 Track x 5 - Takara - MINT
Grand Wheel - Takara - Used
WD145 - Takara - NEW
Pegasis Pre-HWS (BB-01) - Takara - Used
105 Track x 3 - Takara/Hasbro - MINT
H145 Track - Hasbro - MINT
125 Track x 2 - Hasbro - MINT
135 Track - Hasbro - MINT
145 Track x 2 Hasbro/Takara - MINT
Gil Clear Wheel - Takara - MINT
Clear Faces! Tattooed on faces ect. - Takara - MINT (Rare ones: E.G WBBA face.)

Hell Kerbecs BD145DS - £11 - NEW please
OR Hell Wheel (£5) and BD145 Track (£4) parts.

Basalt Wheel - PM me
CS bottom - £4 - NEW/MINT needed
Meteo Metal Wheel & Ldrago Clear Wheel! - NEW please!

More to post later.
Don't forget to PM only to offer/sell.

BB-47 Earth Aquila Starter Set - Takara NIB
BB-23 L Drago 105F Starter Set With Beylauncher L - Takara NIB x2
BB-60 Random Booster Vol 4 x 12 - Takara NIB
BB-92 Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F Booster - Takara NIB
BB-72 Aquario Pemium Returns Booster - Takara NIB
BB-50 Storm Capricorne Booster - Takara NIB
BB-86 Attack And Defense Set - Takara NIB
BB-77 BeyDeck Case - Takara NIP
Hey Guys



HASBRO Rock Aries ED145 (condition: used-like new) £8-£9
HASBRO Flame Sagiterio C145S (condition: used-like new) £8-£9

Extra Items

HASBRO Light launcher (condition: used-like new. Colours-Blue contains Aries Face sticker/Green contains Sagiterrio Face sticker.no rip cord included)x2 £2.00
TAKARA Light launcher (condition: used-like new. Yellow, no rip cord included) £2.00
HASBRO Black Rip Cord (condition: used-like new) x2 £0.99

Deals for Multiple Items
These are not fixed Prices

GB145 Track NIB or Used (Preferably NIB)
MF Tip NIB or Used (Preferably NIB)
90 Track NIB or Used (Preferably NIB)
R145 NIB or Used (Preferably NIB)

50% of all profit will be donated to the WBO from shop sales!

Raffle Tickets for a chance to win Prizes at Feb-Bey-ary Freeze:
£1 for one ticket or
£2 for three tickets.

(100% donation to WBO)

Top Prize: 1 lucky winner will receive a Mystery Prize!
Second Prize: NIB Takara Earth Aquila 145WD
Third Prize: NIB Hasbro Storm Pegasus 105RF
Forth Prize: NIP Takara Dark Wolf DF145FS (BB-32 Vers.)[/b]

BeyJun Himself will be picking the lucky winners!

Don't Miss out!

Make your reservations:

Metal Fight Beyblade/Beyblade Metal Fusion:

Used Takara Attack Stadium (repaired minor hole on outer wall - won't affect play)Highest Bid - £23

Pre-HWS Wheels:
Mint Takara Pegasis Wheel - BB-96 Super Deck Set Vers.

Metal Wheels:
Mint Hasbro Blue Storm - Super Vortex Vers. Highest Bid - £4, bid higher than £7 to buy
Mint Hasbro Red Lightning - Super Vortex Vers.
Mint Hasbro Dark
Mint Takara Storm
Used Takara Lightning
Used Takara Screw
Used Hasbro Thermal

Clear Wheels:
Mint Hasbro Red Pegasus Clear Wheel - Super Vortex Vers. Highest Bid - £0.40
Mint Hasbro Gold L Drago Clear Wheel - Super Vortex Vers.
Mint Hasbro Wolf (Camo Green)
Mint Hasbro Orso
Used Hasbro L Drago (Clear/Dark Blue)
Near Mint Takara L Drago II Rush (Compatable with Meteo)
Near Mint Takara Kerbecs


1x 85 Track
1x 90 Track
4x 100 Track
1x 145 Track (Gold)
1x Used Takara CH120 Track

Near Mint XF
Near Mint LF (Clear Vers.)
Near Mint DS

1x Metal Face - Heavy+ BB-96 turquoise tool! Sold
1x Metal Face - Heavy+ orange tool!
2x Metal Face(Silver)
2x Metal Face(Black)
1x Metal Face(Red)
NIP Hasbro Aquario Face + stickers
Quetzalcoatl Face
Mint Hasbro L Drago Face (No Text Vers.) + NIP stickers
Hasbro L Drago Face (Text Vers.)
Near Mint Byxis Face
Mint Hasbro Wolf Face (Brown) + NIP Stickers
Near Mint Takara Pegasis Face (Clear Vers.)
Near Mint Orange Face
Near Mint Kerbecs

NIP Items:
NIP Takara Storm Pegasis (no track/bottom) - BB-32 Clear Vers.

Launcher and Accessories:
Taking requests for Custom Prong colours/ Multi-coloured Light Launchers!
Near Mint Light Launcher 2 (Custom Prongs colour of your choice) + Near Mint, Straightened Ripcord
Near Mint Snipe Launcher (Custom Prongs colour of your choice) + NIP Ripcord
Hasbro Ripcord launchers (Custom multi-coloured top/bottom/prongs) + Ripcord
Mint Takara BeyLauncher (Blue) Sold
Near Mint Takara BeyLauncher-L (Lightning L-Drago Vers.)

Current people with a chance to win the raffle:
Tickets - Name - Condition
3 - aron101 - reservation
1 - OmegaZX - subject to purchase of Metal Face Heavy
3 - Soldier-F3AR - reservation
3 - Vortex-Pegas - subject to purchase of Light Launcher 2
3 - taz465 - reservation
As this may be my Final tourney there is quite alot for me to sell



Full beys
Pisces D125BS


MFB Balance stadium ( No problems other than a small dent in the side)

Metal wheels


Meteo + Ldrago II





Earth Mold II








Meteo LDrago beylauncher
Yellow Beylauncher
Black beylauncher (no handle)

Metal face x2
(Feb. 06, 2011  7:54 PM)GingkaPegasus1 Wrote: I want Galaxy Pegasis Starter Set.

PM Soldier-F3AR your offer.
is anyone selling a beypointer i really want one pm if your selling one.
im selling
nothing atm.

lookin for
230, burn, hell
Im selling all my plastic beys. Pm if you want to make an offer.

I have:

1X Left spin launcher
3X right spin launcher
1X Dranzer G EG (Near mint) - HIGHEST OFFER £7.50
1X Dragoon G EG (Near mint)
1X Master Turtle (Used)
1X Wolborg 2 (NO WEIGHT DISK, used and TT Hongli)
1X Metal Driger EG (NO WEIGHT DISK, no stickers on attack ring, used and TT Hongli)
1X Driger G EG (Used, no stickers on base) - HIGHEST OFFER £7.50
1X Draciel S (Used)
1X M. Draciel (Used, one small chip on one side of attack ring)
1X Grey Bit chip
1X Green Bit chip
1X White turbo winder (To wind up EG'S, not a rip cord)
1X Green Turbo winder (To wind up EG'S, not a rip cord)
1X Grey Turbo winder
1X Driger F attack ring (Used)
1X M. Dranzer (Used)
1X Dranzer S base (Used)


I highly doubt anyone would buy this stuff, but at Legend of the bey a couple of bladers seemed interested, and ShizzyShea even offered me a bit for my Driger G.
230 is definitely up if the prices are good.
You can request parts from the BB-102 Screw Capricorne if you wish.
One more Snipe Launcher added - They are £10 each, New in factory packaging.

ALSO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
Basalt is up as a maybe if the offers are nice enough.
Is anyone selling an MF2
enzoxs, pm me if u want yugioh.
im sellin

Jiryah ms (nib)- sold
tournament limited einestine ms(nib)-sold

pm me all offers.

bb-100, random booster volume 6
basalt horogium
flame byxis
pre hws l drago

im traiding or selling
Looking to buy either Meteo Ldrago. Gravity perseus, or metal face... pm me any offers and ill get back to you ASAP
pm soldier f3ar
might sell yugioh cards
(Feb. 11, 2011  9:28 PM)cor28 Wrote: might sell yugioh cards

This topic is for Beyblade. Do not post that.
can some one please sell me a RS i really need it so bad even if it is used!
Should have basalt horogium, hell kerbecs and killer beofowl (sp?) lol. All selling as boosters, no snipe launchers included.
No promises though.
If they arrive in time, i'll be selling the snipe launchers separately.
Snipe launcher = £6
Light launcher 2 = £5

Not sure how many i'll have so secure yours first by PM-ing me.
Definite sales are:

X1 Vulcan horuseus. 145D
X1 Quetzalcoatl 90wf
x1 Hell Kerbecs BD145DS

Make early reservations by PMing me.
Not selling as starter packs. Selling as separate boosters/launchers.
anyone selling metal faces pm me