Favourite Beyblade? (Elaborate!)

(Feb. 15, 2011  9:57 AM)Accel Wrote: From plastics to HMS --> anything in the Dranzer line.
HWS --> my brand new Ray Unicorno..literally destroyed my friend's S.Peg..
storm wheel broken, pegasis CW cracked..he's sooo gonna hate me for that Cute

Hah. That rhymes!

I'm lovin my Screw Capricorn. Now only if Screw was a top tier wheel.
My Evil Gemios.

I love that thing.
Favourite plastic beyblades: Driger G & Dranzer GT
Favourite HMS beyblades: Dranzer MS & Driger MS
These beyblades are very strong & long-time spining berblades.
Plastic Generation:
1.) Grazzly
2.) Zeus

1.) Dranzer MS

Metal Fight Beyblade:
1.) Rock Leone 145WB
Mine are:

Cyber Pegasus 90HF
Rock Bull H145D
Flame Wolf 145S
The L-drago series and variants, the gravity perseus variants, vulcan horseus, the maximum series, and my ultra fav Flame Kerbecs CH120 WD
ok i got two :
1) Cyber Pegasis (not customised)
2) MF-H Hell Bull BD145 RS
i have 3 fav beys
1)Vulcan horuseus 130 XF
2)Earth Beafowl 145 EWD
3) Flame Byxis 230 D
hms:driger/strata dragoon
metal fight:divine chimera/posion serpent(for looks)
Currently MF Vulcan Horuseus 85R²F, although Gravity Perseus (attack version) D125R²F comes very close.
my best blade is my modifyed Gasher, it is a storm gasher DF145 JB
i dont have plastic or hms, as i know little about them Uncertain (sorry) but my fav mfb is... legend counter leone, cuz of designs, i think...
My fave Beyblade from MFB at the moment is Galaxy Pegasus. Most of the Pegasus blades have been my faves so far. As for my fave Beyblade from the previous generation, it would have to be Dranzer MS.
Plastic - Dragoon V2 & Dranzer G
HMS - Dragoon MS UV and Sea Dragon/Sea Drake
MFB - MF Lightning L Drago CH120 LRF & MF Meteo L Drago CH120 LRF
Meteo L Drago II (rush) 85 RF because its so cool and a great bey, its in my profile picture Smile
I have 2 favorites in each series they are|plastic Draciel metal ball defencer,dragoon galaxy. libra, bull.mfb ray unicorno, infinity libra.
I would say Rock Leone and Flame Libra OOO and especially Rock Leone lol ???
My favorites are Storm Pegasis and Ray Gil. I like attack beys and both of them look cool.
I love my Earth Aquila 105HF/S Never been used or even test spun ONCE!
It looks so cool. I love it. It's probably my Fav now. Still love my Killer gemios tho.
Any bey as long as it's capricorn.
changed my mind
plastic dragoon series
hms : dragoon MS, msuv and mf. DEMS and of course Wolborg MS !
MFB : Aquariio , aries and quez (silver)
my fav bey is
1.defence-basalt horigium 145 rs - coustomized
2.attack- rock cancer 90 XF-COSTOMIZED
3.STAMINA-burn bull ch120 ms-costamized
Sorry to break this to you but your stamina combo sucks so does your defense.
I have completely changed my mind
Plastic:All of the Dranzer series
HMSGrinranzer MS,Dragoon MSUV, AND DEMS
MFBEeearth Aquila,Hell Kerbecs Red and black and Quetz